Horn OK Please

HornPlease is this Friday’s Font. Created by DesiCreative member Nabina Ghosh, inspired by the hand paintings behind trucks in India.

Horn OK Please

The inspiration:


6 thoughts on “Horn OK Please

  1. Sanjukta Das says:

    i need to create graphics with this font style…can i download?

  2. Jessica Harrington says:

    Love this font. It is available for download?

  3. admin says:

    yes Jessica! Its available as a free download from the link above! do send us a jpeg of how you used it!

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi! I am getting an 404 error, not found when I click on the link. Will def send you a jpeg of how I use it : ) Can you post the link again maybe or send it to my email?
    Thank you for your help!

  5. Jessica says:

    Please please please respond. I am desperate to be able to download the font. Please see the error that occurs when download it tried. Is there a way to contact Nobina Ghosh?

    404 Error – Not Found
    The resource you have requested could not be found on the server. There are many possible reasons for this. Either the file does not exist, there is an error in your request, or the file is not accessible in the requested directory. Please verify that:

    You have used the proper case; requests ARE case-sensitive!
    You have entered the URL correctly. (i.e. proper directory/filename)
    You used the FULL URL. (i.e. proper file type: .html, .gif , .jpg, etc.)
    You use a tilde (~) before user directories. (i.e. http://www.furcen.org/~jurann/ )
    The user/file still exists on this server.

  6. admin says:

    hi Jessica. Am very sorry for the late response. The link above has been corrected. Please let me know if this has solved your problem. Leave a mail at our ‘submit’ button above in case you want to get in touch with Nabina.

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