Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel by Havas

Advertised brand: Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel
Advert title(s): Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel: Utensils
Headline and copy text (in English): As clean as new
Creative Directors: Siddarth Basavaraj, Vinay Saya
Art Director: Vinay Saya
Copywriter: Siddarth Basavaraj
Photography: Shutterstock

Dettol Healthy Kitchen ad 1


Dettol Healthy Kitchen ad 2

Dettol Healthy Kitchen ad 3

2 thoughts on “Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel by Havas

  1. Shankar Choudhary says:

    Brilliant Work Sid & Vinay.. Simply Great.

  2. adesh says:

    Was this released? Haven’t seen this one in the press.

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