Bisk Farm’s new Radio Ad Brings Warmth to Bengal Winter!

Not often does an FM station RJ announce during his show, “Don’t go anywhere during the break, a jingle is coming up!”

That’s exactly what has happened with Bisk Farm’s new radio jingle conceived and executed by SoS Ideas, a Kolkata-based agency. The agency managed to rope in an unlikely choice for a singer as far as advertising songs are concerned, legendary Bengali artiste Kabir Suman, who recorded a commercial after almost two decades. The jingle is for Bisk Farm’s Just Ginger Biscuits, and the words, music and above all, the voice, brought in the warmth (of ginger) straight into the homes of Bengal. The jingle is a big hit on radio, with people flooding social media with likes, shares and comments. Although not meant to be an online release, a video of it is going viral on the web.

Vocalist: Kabir Suman
Music Direction: Prabuddha Banerjee
Lyrics & Composition: Souvik Misra
Account Director: Dipanjan Bhattacharya
Brand Exec: Mayuree Dutta


Bisk Farm is one of the top biscuit and confectionery brands in Eastern India. With a large variety of innovative products, the biscuit brand has won over the Eastern zonal market and is gradually tightening its hold over the North-East, South and several parts of North and Central India. With several powerful competitors in the same trade, it was always important for Bisk Farm to create its own significant brand personality that the audience found endearing. Over the years, Bisk Farm has become known for its smart, witty, and often humorous print and outdoor ads. The brand believes in simple, yet interesting advertising that the audience can relate to. SoS Ideas has been behind the brand all along and has won a number of awards for their work. Here are some examples of Bisk Farm’s print ads released over the last few years. For more please visit the agency’s Facebook Page.

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