Ashu: DesiCreative at Bluefrog

“A person should make ladders for himself by which he can sometimes go up to heaven.” -A Rabbi who knew what he was talking about when descibing Music.

Most of us, at some phsychological level, are convinced that if shit did not happen; we would have made Music. Or better still, made “Making Music” a career. But shit happens and only a handful of us ultimately make it through. Ashu, co-founder at Blue Frog- the revolutionary integrated music project in Mumbai- is one such marvel who has been creating the most distinct sounds in Advertising in the last decade or so. “It’s absolutely and completely fun. The beauty is that I get to create a brand new musical idea and make variations on it within the specified short period of time. After having done over 4000 commercials, I’m still excited about every new one!”, says Ashu when asked about how much fun could it possibly be to create a composition on an average just 30 seconds long!
Having studied “Western Classical Theory” at the University of Pennsylvania, Ashu probably always knew that Music called out to him. He was resolute to making Music as the single most important thing in his life, but does a formal education really help to do something that, in essence is driven mostly out of hardcore talent or is it merely a means for being taken seriously?
He says, “It has never been my ambition to follow that path as most other composers would like to. I have done a few Bollywood films too. Advertising has taught me to create and appreciate all forms and genres of music and my aspiration is to follow those paths that allow me to explore this to its creative potential”. Maybe that is why Ashu has not restricted himself to just composing music but also continues to be one of the most electric live acts in the country with The Petri Dish project which has a reputation of churning out a unique sound and an extraordinary overall musical experience with every new song. Having just launched his brand new album The Psychic Plumber & Other Lies in association with Sarnath Banerjee, which is a one-of-its-kind marriage of Music and Art, Ashu maintains that things get boring very quickly for him and he can’t single out any particular musical influence.  As a fellow creative person, drawing inspiration from art to create music that would complement the expressions of the artist would have been a enjoyable experience for him, no doubt. But when asked if he draws any inspiration from the scripts he gets to work on these  days, he interestingly says, “I’d say about only 20% of the scripts actually inspire music. It is usually the treatment of the director that inspires much more.”

Ashu recently composed the jingle for the quirky TVS Wego commercial that is presently ruling the airwaves all across and according to a data had close to a mind boggling 25,000 illegal ringtone downloads within a month after it went on air!

Find Ashu’s latest album here.


4 thoughts on “Ashu: DesiCreative at Bluefrog

  1. saumya says:

    love the work! especially the work on TVS Wego! Awesome! Way to go Ashu!

  2. Jitesh says:

    I love your work and I also love what BlueFrog is doing!

  3. narayan says:

    the soccer ad is nice. can we have a comprehensive interview with Ashu about how he started out etc? desicreative?

  4. sandeep says:

    I have been reading articles for a long time. but this one has a much more casual vibe to it. dont know if I hate it or like it, but this one is different.

    and yes, who wouldnt like Ashu’s work?

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