Anita Dharane : Interview


Graphic Designing is Anita Dharane’s natural extension of life.  
She does anything that’s creative. She loves travelling and knowing people. 
An avid trekker, she has done a mountaineering course too.

Why are you into Advertising?
Because Advertising is not about any formula. For me its exploration. And Art lets me do that.
And also you can give a hug to almost anybody you want to!
Because I use my guts here!

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
Yes I did. Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. I also did workshops at NID, Ahmedabad after my graduation. This was a great learning.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
Lots of Books. Lots of observation & reading. I grew up in a shell before I broke into the vastness of art.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Advertising?
Manoj Phulambrikar, Wisdom Tree Design, Pune.  Here I actually learnt a great deal. 
I started loving design here. I worked for 3 years with him after my graduation and then headed to Bombay with a great portfolio.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Lots of things. A beautiful smile, everyday sunset, Bunjee jumping, December winter of Khajuraho, Alpine Chocolate Mousse at the Baga Beach and a speed breaker sign board beside a railway track, to list a few.

Also Creative thinking in itself inspires me a lot. Anything that’s crazy, weird, comic is inspiration. Bunjee jumping gives me a topsy-turvy view of the world you live in or kinda rattles you inside out.

Tell us something about the Law & Kenneth work environment.
When Anil Nair interviewed me at L&K he had said that “You will be put in a vast ocean and you will have to learn to swim”

It’s exactly that way. And I did. I’m very thankful to Law & Kenneth to have given me that opportunity. I worked with amazing people. Especially inspiring were Vipul Salvi, the then Creative Director at L&K, and NCD Charles Victor.

What do you think of the state of Print advertising right now. At least here in India, the released work is most often too sad, and it seems print is sidelined in favour of TV?
I believe that Print will always exist in India, and in most of the world. Yes the released work is often too sad as there are lots of people doing & accepting mediocre work. 
The day computers and DTP came in, mediocrity flourished.
Today we have everything at the click of a mouse and yet we get to see lot of crap. 
When everything was done manually people worked harder for perfection and we still enjoy those classics. Sometimes I see the classic ads and I wish I could do something like that. Fresh, Original, Organic. But one thing is for sure, good work always gets noticed be it in Print, Radio or TV.

Do you think brands whose advertising wins awards, do well in the market?
Yes, in most cases I do believe that. People remember creative campaigns, and the brands make their way in their heart. But this happens only when one truly works for the brand and not for the award. I feel awards should be the byproduct of creative work, and not the other way round.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals?
Welcome to creativity. Always keep yourself in a creative environment. Be with creative individuals. Talk to them. I have learnt a lot from people and their stories. And most importantly follow your heart.

“If you don’t burn out by the end of each day, you are a bum”—George Lois

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
AlmapBBDO’s  Marcello Serpa. I love his work a lot. I admire him a lot. And I still want to work for brand Havaianas with him.

What’s on your iPod?
I never carry anything else apart from my cell phone, which I have to keep with me in today’s world. I live like a free bird and never keep anything glued or clinging on to me. If I have to hear music I have a music system at home.

Mac or PC?
Mac ooohla la la!!

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16 thoughts on “Anita Dharane : Interview

  1. anita says:

    i love myself a lot more now 🙂

  2. venkatesh alwala says:

    i SHAPPAT..KICK ASS interview….simply superbbbbbbbbbbbb & very INTERESTING usefull TIPS for NEW & MID size GDs & Visualisers

  3. anita says:

    Hi venkatesh,

    thanks a lot.


  4. paul neelam says:

    thats awesome anita, congratulations for this. All the best for the rest to come. 🙂

  5. anita says:

    Thanks Paul.

  6. Vikram says:

    Great Work! Keep it up!

  7. gaurav Joshi says:

    Nice Stuff Yarr..

  8. abhishek says:

    Well done and well said.

  9. Saumya says:

    Nice work, Anita. But I disagree that print is suffering because of technology. I think print is suffering because agencies focus more on the easier segment of patli-gully work (scam ads). Also film has more money for agencies and creatives alike. So print is ignored.

  10. Dnyanesh says:

    nice …work …best luck…..
    ranjeet n i also work at wt some tme

  11. Shashikant Sharma says:

    Hello Everybody,
    I am Working As Graphic Designer Last 2 years In Advertising Sector, I want to know more about advertising. I am 12th Passed. what can i do?

  12. anita says:

    Hi Shashikant,
    If u r jus 12th passed and u want to be in advertising then u should take it seriously by taking a graduate course in graphic design or advertising and then work in advertising to grow professionally. Having education in the field u like helps u a lot.

    All the best,

  13. Sanjay Gupta says:

    Hi! Anita,

    I think Books & Your Virtuous Observation has taught / inspired you a lot.
    Learning and easily grasping things has become your nature & daily routine.
    You have a great journey of 9 years in this Industry, & your work itself tell the story.

    Its was Good going through your Profile,
    Just keep going…Good Luck Anita.

  14. anita says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    You are perfectly right. Thanks for your very observant comment. I’m so glad that jus going through my work you could tell about me. Thanks a lot.

    Anita Dharane

  15. Creative says:

    Hi Anita,

    Spell binding. You were born for designing, weren’t You??

    Great work and all the very best.


  16. anita says:


    Thanks so much.
    do you know me?

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