Afraa by Bates Kolkata

Some excellent outdoors from Bates 141 Kolkata.

Art and Illustration : Diptanshu Roy

Copy and CD : Arjun Mukherjee

Agency : Bates 141 Kolkata

(see higher res images at the forum)





6 thoughts on “Afraa by Bates Kolkata

  1. sri vikas says:

    Nice work from a great Ad company ….

    wonder how the brief was written to the creative team ?

  2. absolutely gorgeous! finally something good for the eyes! and one thought TV was becoming too galmourous for agency creatives to give anythought to print! long live!

  3. Arjun says:

    Hi vikas,

    There wasn’t much in the brief. We spent a couple of days tasting the great food and sloshed ourselves silly on some wonderful wines. After this the shapes and designs appeared right in front of our eyes. In fact all the shapes you see are taken from the furnitures, walls, lights and decor inside afraa only. So we put aside the brief and referred to the awesome experience we had.

  4. diptanshu says:

    smoked salmon, black forest ham and the grilled fish…. the food is yum!

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