Ad Verbatim XVII

By Terence. Terry is a dear friend and runs a creative hotshop somehere in the Himalayas!


Dear Lech,

I’m not talking Polish and you don’t need your x-ray goggles to read this. Down boy. Sit. Play dead if you want but the truth is here to stay. In fact, by the time we’re done here you’ll be wearing it like the coarse leather collar you should have been born with.

Casting is anything but serious business as long as the industry is amply populated with simians. It doesn’t matter who you may be on the corporate stratosphere or how high or low in the echelons you dangle. If you harbour so much as half a non-professional attitude towards the ‘faces’ you work with, you’re just plain shrink-worthy. The couch, and let me introduce you to this one, is all yours. So what’s your Freudian alibi – infantile amnesia?

Somewhere down the dank corridors of your libidinous imagination, I may be just a face but here’s where the cookie crumbles. I am more than what I am. I am who I am. Think about it (oops I used the T word). Let the facts sink in. Way past the stupefaction. Way past the bottled testosterone. Despite what you may be given to think by the numbers you’ve scored so far, I am not an anatomical prospect itching for a lifetime of touchy-feely. I am an intrinsic part of the marketing and advertising process. I am just as much a part of your bottom line as your brand identity. I am more than just the speck of beauty on the periphery of your warped personal agenda. I bring brands to life. I speak for them. I emote for them. For certain slices in time, I actually become them. I am all your logo can’t do. I am what your graphics can’t touch. I am what your headlines and body copy can’t sum up. I am as memorable as your most hummable jingles and at times, far more meaningful. I am capable of doing more to brand personality than all your best laid brand plans can. Not affording me the respect I fundamentally deserve is why your profession is ranked one measly notch below the infamous other. Grope with that.

But as you do, look at the bright side of things too. You’re not a solo statistic in a limpid pool of wannabes. What’s the collective noun for MCP? Isn’t it absolutely thrilling to know you actually own it? And if you thought there’s safety in numbers, you’ve just met the piper.

Over and ouch.

The Model.

ps. don’t blame it on the headline.

3 thoughts on “Ad Verbatim XVII

  1. sujatagokhale says:

    super! this was long needed! I had a girlfriend who was a model and I hated the way everyone spoke to her!

  2. param says:

    well written, terry!

  3. terry says:

    thank you 🙂

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