Accessories Required

Campaign name: Accessories Required (Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign)
Creative agency:  Y&R Dubai
Client: Harvey Nichols
Ad titles : (1) Tazer, (2) Altitude Sickness Pills, (3) Pepper Spray,  (4) Defibrillator, (5) Personalized Towels, (6) Self Defence, (7) Lipstick Stain Remover (8) Evil Eye Charm,  (9) Airhorn, (10) Smelling Salts
Brief: To announce the launch of the Autumn/Winter Collection at Harvey Nichols.
The campaign aims to convey the different effects the new collection will have on those who wear them. To encourage our buyers to take precautionary measures, each execution carries an image of an item from the autumn winter range along with a supplementary requirement such as a defibrillator, smelling salts, pepper spray, taser which act as a visual metaphor for the effect the item can have.
Creatives: Shahir Zag , Komal Bedi Sohal
Photographer : James Day
Planner : Nadine Ghossoub

2 thoughts on “Accessories Required

  1. Sai krishna says:

    Very gud layout and though some pictures speak different versions for different people it reaches the targeted audience.

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