Aaron Pinto : Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Aaron Pinto, also known as Kidsquidy. He has been Illustrating and designing for about 4 years now. Currently working for MTV India as a Senior Designer.
He also works closely with bands and musicians from the Metal and Indie scene, Indian and Global. Also plays drums for 2 metal bands – Providence and Gutslit.
He loves drawing skulls and tentacles. He is obsessed with the grotesque and also loves the colour pink.

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
I actually never planned on being a Graphic Designer. It happened by chance i guess. Was interning at MTV India in the shows department when 2 of my now close friends from the design team saw that i had a knack for designing and asked if id like to work under them. One thing led to another and now i don’t remember a life before this. Its a part of me and I’m very grateful for that one opportunity which has led to me to great heights and given me so much.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I studied 3D modelling and texturing and have a degree in animation
But i hardly use anything that i learnt over there.
Learnt Photoshop and Illustrator on the job actually.
Completely self taught.

You have a distinct style of Design. How long did it take you to develop your style?
I’d say its been about 4 years of me doing what i do. Though I’m still not happy where I’m at and really am just exploring and consuming design till i can find something that i can call my own and instantly recognisable.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
Very lucky to have been exposed to a lot of comics, cartoons and video games growing up. Perks of growing up abroad i guess. Also i used to think Tattoo artists were the coolest, still do.
Also TV in general during the 90’S i think played a huge role in my design sensibilities.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in graphic design?
Favourite artist in the world, hands down its the great Dan Mumford. I think he’s the best and I’m very influenced by him.
Also artists like Godmachine, Alex Pardee, Mark Riddick, Nychos, Frank Miller, Skinner, Felip Pantone, Ken Taylor, John Dyer Baisley , HYDRO74,
SignalNoise are some of my favourites,

When did you start freelancing?
Don’t freelance that much nowadays. I’ll work with musicians though. Love doing merchandise and album art for bands, specially metal.

Was there any time when you wanted to quit graphic design?
Everytime i have to deal with Marketing noobs.

Are many advertising agencies hiring graphic designers? Do you work more with agencies or publishers?
I honestly have no clue whats the trend with advertising agencies nowadays. But i do work agencies more. My style apparently translates well for the kind of work they are looking for.

Do you have clients who give you steady work or do you advertise for new clients often?
Have a steady client base, but I’m always on the lookout for new challenges. But i absolutely love working with new bands and trying to recreate their vision to go with their music. Its a great rush.

Any other Indian graphic designers who you admire?
Arushi Kathuria, Avinash Jai Singh, Aaquib Wani, Sajid Wajid Sheikh.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? Would you advise them to take on graphic design as a career option?
GOD is in the details.

Do you think Clients are opening up to keeping aside a decent respectable budget for design work? Do you think clients are understanding that they need to invest in Design as a communication tool and also to cut the clutter, and that good design comes at a price?
I honestly think that in general India doesn’t have respect for art. Be it music, design, theatre, etc. Everything should be cheap and asking for more than their low quote is rude and its basically just drawing.
Though the new breed of ‘clients’ is changing this by giving an actual shit about how they want their product to be perceived and investing in good design. Its still a small community but hopefully soon the wave will catch on.

You are also a drummer? tell us something about it…
I play drums for 2 Bombay based metal bands, Providence and Gutslit.
Been playing for the past 8 years and it’s my one true love. I love illustrating, but i love drums more.

Mac or PC?
Started on a PC. Now I’m a slave to Apple. FML.

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
Dave Chapelle.

What’s on your iPod?
Swetshop Boys – Cashmere
Death – Symbolic
Benighted – Necrobreed
Code Orange – Forever
Camo & Krooked – Good Times Bad Times
Whats your Twitter Handle?
Hate twitter.
Follow me on Instagram – KIDSQUIDY



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