A tribute to Asheem Chakravarty

I met Asheem while shooting the last schedule of ‘Leaving Home’, a feature length film on the band Indian Ocean, directed by Jaideep Varma. I immediately became a fan of the band and of course, of Asheem. Its hard not to.  Asheem was always warm and enthusiastic, and filled everyone around him with a joyful and optimistic energy. Every time he sang or played his music, you could see him pour his soul into it. He was only 52 when he left.

From the film Leaving Home – the life & music of Indian Ocean (to be released in 2010)

One thought on “A tribute to Asheem Chakravarty

  1. Allen Mathews says:

    its so sad to see Asheem leave us like this! have gone to many Indian Ocean concerts and have enjoyed every one of them. Love these guys, who are yet to get their due. Asheem, you live in our hearts!

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