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ITC WelcomGroup – The secret is out

Another in a continuing series on DM case studies by Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi.

This was one spa that was conceived and designed to be like no other. Royal in inspiration it was contemporary in interpretation. Inspired by the Mughals love for perfection, symmetry and aesthetics it sought to revive a lifestyle perfected by Mughal emperors 600 years ago.The task was to create a buzz around this Spa and position it as the perfect tribute to the city that holds the wonder called the Taj Mahal.
There are numerous luxurious spas in India and the world and then there are spas that are the ultimate in indulgence and pampering. Now, how do you defy and transcend even this?

The answer: look back in history and reach the very courts of the Mughal Emperors to revive their love for rejuvenating therapies and exotic treatments which were transported to India from Turkey and Persia.
The result of this was the creation of paradise that would do even Emperor Shahjahan proud.

The objective was to turn the Royal Spa into the last word for rejuvenation and revival and to get the invitees to come and experience the magical treatments available. This would not only get them to experience the wonder of this Spa but also make the Spa the most talked-about.

We sent the DM to Diplomats, Ambassadors of Embassies, opinion makers, members of the press and the countries’ Who’s Who. due to confidentiality reasons, the database was drawn up by the client from the patrons at their specialty restaurants, in house guests and societies’ crème de la crème.

The strategy was to partake of a royal experience that took them back in time to the glorious era of the Mughals. And what better way of doing this than sending them the fruit picked from the garden of paradise that the Mughals so loved, and created on earth. For the Mughals the pomegranate was the fruit of eternity, the fruit descended straight from paradise. It was considered an aphrodisiac and the elixir of youth.
Given this, the recipient received a direct mailer which had hidden within it this very fruit of eternity: A full-blooded, ruby red pomegranate from Central Asia, the homeland of the Mughals.

The results were phenomenal and it whetted the curiosity of the invitees. The prelaunch was a full house affair and the spa was covered by all the leading fashion and lifestyle publications. There was a 45% response to the invites sent out and within months of opening, Conde Nast Traveler declared it the ‘World’s best city spa’.

Save Earth: Mt Everest

A few decades from now, scaling Mount Everest will no longer be a challenge.
Help prevent global warming. Save Earth

Advertising Agency: Pupa communication, Kolkata, India
Art Director: Anirban
Copywriter: Ranadeep

ITC WelcomGroup – The divine welcome

Continuing our series on DM case studies by Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi.
ITC Welcomgroup unlike any other hotels anywhere in India and the world. While they offer the most modern of amenities of facilities and privileges, what sets them apart is the Indian soul – that takes hospitality to a new level. And this is exemplified best by the manner in which ITC engages its guest and customers into the festivities. Diwali being one such fine example. The festival of lights is one of the biggest festivals in the Indian calendar. And ITC becomes an integral part of this occasion by joining the customer in their celebrations at home.

Rotaract Club

Over 1 million children are secretly employed in industries across India. To end this exploitation, log on to www. and vote for the use of ‘No Child Labour’ labels on products.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Directors: Ashish Khajanchi, Prasanna Sankhe
Creative Directors: Akash Das, Vivek Rao
Art Directors: Ashish Phatak, Siddhesh Khatavkar, Snehal Bhuvad
Copywriter: Denise D’Silva
Illustrator: Sahebrao
Photographer: Avadhut Hembade


Colgate-Palmolive MaxFresh

Creative agency:  Y&R Dubai
Client: Colgate-Palmolive MaxFresh
Campaign name: Breath Abuse

Brief: Drive the freshness segment with Colgate Max Fresh and stay top of mind. The campaign builds on a simple truth that people are often not aware of the fact they have bad breath when they are in conversations that are of importance and in some instances life changing. The idea is that Max Fresh comes in to save people from embarrassing moments caused by bad breath. The execution uses speech bubbles to illustrate the effect of bad breath on people.

Chief creative officer: Shahir Zag
Executive creative director : Komal Bedi Sohal
Creative directors: Shahir Zag, Komal Bedi Sohal
Creatives: Shahir Zag, Komal Bedi Sohal
Illustratot: Celine Artigau
Planner (creative agency) : Nadine Ghossoub


Land Rover : Languages

Creative agency:  Y&R Dubai
Client: Land Rover
Campaign name: Languages

Brief: To promote the globe-trotting spirit of the Land Rover.. We chose to demonstrate Land Rover as a brand that crosses language barriers with clever use of foreign language puzzles. Where other car brands might consider a crossword in French or German, the Land Rover puzzles are in the far more exotic Inuktitut, Cherokee, Tamazight, Tibetan or Mongolian.

Chief creative officer: Shahir Zag
Executive creative director : Komal Bedi Sohal
Creative directors: Shahir Zag, Komal Bedi Sohal
Creatives: Shahir Zag, Komal Bedi Sohal
Planner (creative agency) : Nadine Ghossoub


Font Stars from MyFonts

DesiCreative brings to you new fonts and font news from’s  Rising Stars Newsletter

Based in Highland Park, Illinois, TipografiaRamis has been one of the most successful young foundries on MyFonts lately. After Compass TRF and Croog, their new Bouclé family is yet another exploration of geometrically constructed letterforms. Bouclé experiments with unusual solutions, artfully combining Art Deco elements with a postmodern “whatever works” attitude. In some of its details the typeface is reminiscent of Rudy Vanderlans’ Suburban; however, it is a very different typeface indeed. Bouclé offers a choice between the rather straightforward and clear-cut Plain and the more whimsical Round (which has rounded terminals), with a bold variety for each. Bouclé Loopy is, well, the loopy one. A fun family.