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Seagate – I love my hard drive

This is a fifth in a series of Case Studies by Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne New Delhi
A story of a hard drive
A story which depicts what lovers want
A story which helped 1000s of lovers express their love on Valentine’s Day
A story which was shot in India but got publicity in Singapore
A story which got famous in just 10 days by spending only Rs 6 lacs
A story which got a fabulous click through rate of 0.8%
A story which generated a demand of over Rs. 72,00,000 in 10 days
A story which helped Ogilvy get over 3 times this budget for the next online campaign

Today, the Indian external hard drive market stands at 1,20,000 units per quarter. In revenue figures it comes out to be at INR 456,000,000. Out of this 1,20,000 units, Seagate commands a market share of 50%, with its immediate competitor, Western Digital far behind at 15%. The rest of the market share is owned by small players and the DIY category (‘Do It Yourself – DIY means, usage of internal laptop hard drives with an external casing.)

Our recent online research found out that Seagate is very popular among the male audience because of Seagate’s decade old market leadership in internal pc and laptop hard drives. But to grow the external hard drives market, female audience can’t be left out. The current female audience of Seagate was only 5%. So, the marketing task for us was to grab the attention of the female audience as soon as possible.


Jitesh Patel, Illustration

ABOUT ME: Being a Indian born in England, I have two cultures to be inspired by the Indian heritage brings out vibrancy while British side of me is more considered, its definitely reflected in my work, I enjoy what I do and I work hard to create great work, I have had some great clients to work with and its always nice to build up good client artist relationships. STYLE: My illustrations are bold and strong. The pieces are carefully considered and this is evident in the composition with intricate silhouettes and designs. Colour is an prominent ingredient in my work; I choose to provoke an emotional connection with my selection of palette choice. INFLUENCES: I like to create design on a daily basis, it may be a small doodle in a sketch book, which may lead to a bigger idea and design, I feel this daily process keeps me fresh as a designer, ideas are crucial to my design process. I like to collect design which appeals to me, I never throw anything out as I believe that whatever I have will be useful in some way one day.

Why are you an Illustrator?
I enjoy working as a illustrator, I cant imagine doing anything else, its not a very traditional path for a indian to take, with most of my indian family and friends taking some sort of traditional career path as a accountant or doctor. I have always been creative from a young age and it felt natural to pursue  a creative career. I enjoy working on a creative piece which has come straight from my imagination. Its not as simple as putting a pen to paper. Its very much an equation or formula which needs answering creatively. I often spend time figuring out a design, which I most often then not enjoy doing.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I have studied design from when I was at school all the way through to University where I enrolled on to a degree in Graphic design. I enjoyed my experience at university where I learned alot from my tutors and friend. It was a great environment to experiment with design. It was great time to compete with my fellow classmates and it encouraged me to always produce work to a high standard something which I still believe in today. I always want to create a piece of work which is better then the last pice of work I have created. Its what keeps me fresh as a designer


Pernod Ricard – Break the mould

This is a fourth in a series of DM case studies by Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne New Delhi.

The Challenge:
2009 was the year of change for Pernod Ricard’s popular whisky brand, Blenders Pride. The brief was to enthuse the sales team and trade just before the launch of the new bottle in a manner that engages, excites and breaks their sense of déjà vu.

The Solution:
A very select audience of 300 recipients were sent a clay mould of the Blenders Pride bottle with a miniature hammer. The message urged them to literally break the mould, from within which emerged the new bottle. This ‘hands-on’ dramatic experience instilled a sense of pride of personally bringing the new Blenders Pride to life. And this was not all. From behind the mould, emerged the handy bottle-shaped brand booklet, highlighting all the new changes.
The novelty of this innovative mailer continued with the miniature Blenders Pride bottle, proudly sitting on the desk as a paperweight!


Rajeev Alex Basu : DesiCreative in London

My name is Rajeev Basu. I live and work in London. I work across advertising, design and products. I’ve worked at Fallon London and The Brooklyn Brothers. And currently work for Saint London.

Why are you into Advertising?
I like being creative. I like the idea that you might come up with something that no-one else has ever thought of. And how it might take shape as a piece of film. Or a book. Or a product. Or sometimes even as a piece of advertising.

You went to study Economics at University. What made you come to work in advertising?
Advertising allows me to laugh just as much in the week as I do at the weekend.


ITC WelcomGroup – Start on a fresh palate

The third in a series on DM case studies from Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne New Delhi

The Challenge:
Draw in an audience used to India’s bastardised version of Chinese cuisine with its kitsch potpourri of red dragons, paper lanterns and fake ‘Ming’ vases, to savour contemporary Chinese food at My Humble House – the speciality restaurant at ITC Maurya, New Delhi, that goes beyond all clichés. From the decor, presentation and cuisine, everything is atypical. Although the restaurant was launched earlier we needed to keep the momentum going and this was more of a follow up activity with the same message that “This is not the chinese that you are used to.”


Jungle Lodge by Stark Communications

Jungle Lodges & Resorts has been running a chain of eco-resorts in the South Indian state of Karnataka for the past 30 years. This ad was created to thank all those who have partnered JLR over the years.

Elephants are big an intrinsic part of nature and also renowned for their memories so, when Jungle Lodges & Resorts wanted to thank its partners for 30 years of support, the elephant was the ideal visual choice for saying “thank you”. A cartoonist treatment was used on a jute textured background to make the message more endearing and to convey the natural- friendly activity that is at the core of JLR’s chain of eco-resorts in the South Indian State of Karnataka.

Brand/product advertised: Jungle Lodges and Resorts
Advert title: “Thank you”
Agency name: Stark Communications, Bangalore, India
Copywriter: Ravi
Art director/Illustrator: Santhosh. K

Fuji Film by RMG Connect, New Delhi

Advertising Agency: RMG Connect, New Delhi, India
Executive Creative Directors: Anuja Chauhan, Priti Kapur
Creative Directors: Anupama Ramaswamy, Simran Sahni
Art Director: Anupama Ramaswamy
Copywriter: Simran Sahni
Images: Photolibrary
Account Management & Media: Saurabh Saxena, Anubha Mathur, Manish Kapoor, Abhinav Kaushik
Production: Atul Kumar, Prantik Dutta

(the line says : FinePix F70 with smile capture)


General Motors : Give in to temptation

(this article is second in a series, from Sanjeev Jasani, VP at OgilvyOne, New Delhi)

Chevrolet was going to launch a compact sedan with mid-size appeal – Cruze. A car destined to make an impact. This car breaks stereotypes, while staying true to its DNA. It’s bold. It’s stylish. It’s aggressive. It’s bigger. Faster. Stronger. Safer. And it embodies the spirit of Chevy’s legendary muscle cars. In fact, the design of the Cruze is inspired by one of the most revered Chevys ever – the Corvette. And just like the Corvette, the Cruze features a push-button start, twin-cockpit sports car interior, and an exhilarating feeling that only people who love to drive understand. The Cruze is a category breaker, in a class of its own, and a car that’s value without compromise.


Satish-G : Illustration

A little about yourself
I’m Satish G,  illustrator and concept artist. I’m specialized in illustration, concept art and graphic designer. My passion for illustration, comics, graphic novels and all kind of visual art shaped up my professional carrier.

Why are you an Illustrator?
“Life” is such a wonderful  thing.  Everything a creature does, is because it has this life factor dwelling in it.  And every form of life looks like a miracle to me.  The facial expressions, color, the postures , the shapes of each being is so special  and I have become addicted of playing around the above factors with my imaginations and pencil for my tools. That’s why I am an illustrator.