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Amit Kapoor : DesiCreative in Dubai

amit Kapoor : DesiCreative in Dubai Amit Kapoor works with Team Y&R Dubai
Why are you in Advertising?
Because nuclear physics was too easy. On a serious note, I blame Alok Nanda and Vikas Gaitonde for that. They had done a campaign for Air Mauritius that drew me to advertising. Interestingly, several years later, I’d written an ad that caught Alok Nanda’s fancy. He called up Sanjay Khare, the art director I’d done the ad with, and we spoke. We met once after that and he offered me a senior position in his agency. But it was around the time I was moving to Dubai.

Did you always want to get into advertising?
Not really. I started out by selling space for a yellow pages directory. My beat was Kalbadevi (Mumbai). Then, I was a management trainee in a finance firm. I quit that job to open a dance school with a friend. That failed gloriously, too. A friend mentioned advertising and it seemed like a profession that gladly accepted screw ups like me. (more…)

New from EuroRSCG India

“You can only go as far as you can think.”
Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Delhi, India
Creative Directors: Satbir Singh, Mani Jairam
Art Director: Ritrup Biswas
Copywriter: Abhishek Chaswal
Illustrator: Rajni
Photographer: Dayakar Soma
Published: June 2007 bapu mother teresa che 

Interview with Gavin Barrett (Guy behind the Give Me Red Campaign)

signatureGavin Barrett is the man behind the Eveready Give Me Red campaign. He now runs his own shop in Canada. A lot of young creatives grew up watching your ‘Gimme Red Campaign”. Tell us about it.

This will be the only long answer, I promise.
It started with a great brief created by Subroto “SG” Ghosh, who was the group account director at the time.
It was an exciting time.
The Indian market was about to change.
Pepsi had begun making waves in the market. Coke had not yet launched.
MTV was entering India through bootleg tapes and Star TV had just begun broadcasting.
There was more money and younger people spending it, on new goods like walkmans and discmans.
Batteries were no longer destined for “transistor radios”.
That was the old Eveready. “The Chosen One for Your Transistor.”
I had to find a way to connect with what would later be called the MTV/Channel V generation.
I went through three rounds of creative development – some of them were fantastic ideas that I’ve saved to this day.
But Shanta (V Shantakumar) kept pushing me to go one further.

I knew Give me Red was the big idea when it came to me.I wanted the TV commercial to feel like something that could run on MTV – and so I wrote a spot that was both a parody and an homage.
I still have the original scripts – which I typed on the single beige Mac Apple SE that Rediff had at the time.
It was written in a program called MacWrite. It reminds me that I’m practically an ancient!
Rediff was going through an unusual time in which everybody collaborated in making sure that great work made it to market.
ACD Bugs Bhargava went to Calcutta and sold the idea to the client.
Shanta told me that Bugs dressed up as a doddering old man to represent the old brand, then left the boardroomand returned a few minutes later dressed as a hip young college student with a walkman and headphones.
GM Conrad Saldanha went to Hong Kong to supervise the special effects.
Sharad Nigvekar rose to the occasion and designed a completely fresh layout for the ads and outdoor.Lalit Ajgaonkar who was the film executive and a friend of mine from St Xavier’s, recommended Ehsaan Noorani, who wrote the killer track.
I had a blast writing everything and working with all these amazing people. I think it shows.
When I moved to Hong Kong, Rahul Bose took over as writer on the campaign.
He wrote an even bigger TV spot and the campaign kept going from strength to strength.
Still, that first campaign, especially the TV spot, was a breakthrough.
I heard they stopped using Give Me Red as a line only a couple of years ago. (more…)

Dinodia Photolibrary

“No matter what you says, a picture says more. Dinodia Photo Library”
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai, IndiaExecutive Creative Director: Santosh PadhiArt Director: Santosh PadhiCopywriters: Russell Barrett, Santosh Padhi binladen  gandhi  popepamela 

Juice Salon : Hairstyles

Advertising Agency: Rediffusion DY&R, Mumbai, India, Executive Creative Director: Ramanuj Shastry, Ashutosh Karkhanis, Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, Senior Copywriter: Mayuresh Wagle, Art Director: Siddhesh Khatavkar, Agency Producer: Viswanathan R Juicde