11 Types of Facebook Posts for Small Business to Increase Business

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This is no secret that small business owners can use Facebook to increase their business.
However they need to know how to create great posts that can attract new customers for their business.
In this article we try to give some 11 different types of Facebook posts that owners of a particular business can create and post it every week or day.
If you master these 11 types of Facebook posts then you can definitely expand your business and increase your profits.
Here are they.
1. Post Pictures Your Family, Employees and the Business
Start with the basics. Your business must have a personal touch or human touch to it. People can only relate to you when you have a human touch.
What do you mean by human touch?
Well you have to post pictures of your family and employees you work with.
Your pictures must be taken carefully. All your employees must be happy in the picture showing they are really having fun working there.
Keep updating with fresh pictures and even videos every week if not every day.

2. A Contest Post
Here you need to have some experience with marketing while creating a contest post. I am not talking about the technicalities but the marketing side where you are going to create great contests.
Off course you can incorporate a contest app but you have to create a contest in a way that attracts a lot of people to it.
You have to tell the rewards that the participants are going to get if they win the contest. Your contest must be easy and everyone can get through it.
This way you also collect the emails of the people taking part in the contest.
3. Run a Poll
Polls are the greatest way to know what your customers are thinking about your products.
You can create a poll asking what people think of your products. Through conducting polls you get feedbacks about your business.
However you have to be smart enough to conduct a good poll. Your questions must be relevant to your business.
4. Create an Event or a Party
A Facebook post that is about an event or a party is also a great way to expand your business.
Your post will invite people to an event or a party organized in your office or at a place of your choice.
Here you have to create powerful images that can attract a lot of new visitors to your post.
You obviously need some marketing skills to lure new customers. You must have some experience with creating such posts.
5. Holiday and Seasonal Posts
Always make best use of holiday season like Christmas, thanksgiving or New Year.
At this time you can create special posts and upload videos and images how you celebrated your holidays.
This wouldn’t help you to get sales but people will be able to relate to your post and thus to your business.
You can’t miss such opportunities to expand your business. Creating holiday or seasonal posts can be fun.
6. Offer Discounts for Fans Only
You create posts targeting your fans. Here you reward them for their loyalty.
You offer them discounts on your products. This will help you to get more shares for your post by grabbing attention of others.
A discount post for your fans also allows others to join and become your fan on the Facebook because of discounts that they get.
7. A Personal Blog Post with Expert Tips
You can create a post that will look more or less like your personal blog.
Here you will post tips regarding the problem that your customers or visitors are facing.
If your post is all about weight loss then offer them some inside tips that how they can lose their wait without any pain.
You must come off as an expert that has complete authority on the subject.
You can also include videos and images to make your posts look more attractive.
8. Create Free Tutorials with Links
This is another great idea for expanding your business. In fact this is lot similar to affiliate marketing.
Here you create a post with lots of free tutorials and you give links to the sales page where your visitors can buy products if they like it.
However you must be careful that your post must not look like a vulgar sales page. You must be smart enough to conceal the fact that you are actually selling products.
9. Try Cross Promoting Yourself in Your Niche
Here you have to find people who are like minded or just like you who wanted to promote their business.
You need to collaborate with them and cross promote your posts. You have to create a post that will allow tagging each others’ Facebook status posts and also recommend your fans to “like” each other’s page or share it.
You have to turn your competitors into friends. That is how you expand your business.
10. Upload As Many as Relevant Videos
Videos are the great ways to get fan following. You have to create all kinds of videos and upload on your facebook page.
Here you will upload tutorial videos, funny videos, holiday videos, videos describing your products etc.
The concept here is lot similar to YouTube videos where you upload funny videos.
Although this needs an expertise and great talent but if you don’t have both of them then restrict yourself to uploading basic videos like tutorials.
11. Always Create Post with Great Content
Last but not the least is creating posts that have great content in them.
You must come up with a great content all the time and upload on to your post.
Whether it is a blog post or pictures or videos you have to create content that goes viral.
Actually creating great content is an art and not everyone can do it. But if you can do it then it will help to take off your business very fast.
So these were 11 types of Facebook posts that will help your business grow.

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