100 visual Ideas, 1000 great ads : New Book

Every idea is good only once. Still, the strongest visual ideas inspire the most successful ad campaigns in the world again and again.

Advertising is a business worth billions. The visual language of effective ad campaigns is generally considered to be innovative, radical, and groundbreaking. But is that really true? In 100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads, the French blogger and undercover advertising expert Joe La Pompe exposes the not-so-secret visual recipes behind successful ads.

La Pompe extracts the 100 most popular visual ideas and recurring subjects from the world of advertising—from symbols and objects to famous personalities from history and literature. He then presents the ten best campaigns from around the world that are based on each of these themes, yet have implemented them in a variety of different ways.

By illustrating correlations and inspirations, 100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads offers advertising agencies, designers, and marketing professionals informed, entertaining, and often revealing insights into the world of commercial seduction.

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One thought on “100 visual Ideas, 1000 great ads : New Book

  1. Meera S says:

    I love joe La Pompe for his fabulous website. And I really am going to buy this book now! Cngrats on the book, Joe!

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