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Vikram Bawa : Photography

A little about Vikram, in his own words, from his website:

Have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. Though turned professional 13 years back. Photography campaigns for a broad range of products and brands from Jewelry to Cars to Airlines. Specialise in Fashion and People photography. Always try and bring an element of fashion to all my shoots. Of late celebrities and film stars seem to be in my kitty. Have worked with most magazines in India. At last count 300+ odd covers across different magazines.
Directed and shot a couple of short films.
“Yahaan Gandhi Bikta Nahin’, a short film on Gandhi in present dat has been part of a traveling exhibition to art galleries in the country.
Published a coffee table  quarterly ‘Twisted Heads’
The first photographer in India to do 3D Photography and something I call disappearing photography.
Have won approximately 7 international awards other than honorable mentions.
Just won an international award for my campaign for Skoda Automobile and another international award with acclaimed artists from our country.
Also mentioned amongst the top 5 most important people in the photography industry in India since the last 4 years.

Why are you a photographer?
This is a tough one.. My standard line to everyone generally has been that ‘ I was unemployed’ but on a serious note, I don’t think I have a reason… guess it’s in my blood. Mum and Dad were very good photographers, but casual photographers, nothing serious, though they had some beautiful images to their credit. Somewhere around 15, I discovered my love for photography, which, by the time I was 23 had become an obsession, to a point where I carried my camera to the loo and actually still sleep with it beside me, just in case I get an idea. And at 26 i got a chance to do it full time.. so here i am.


JWT Bangalore’s spots for ING Bank

Rathin from JWT Bangalore sent us these amazing spots that are on air right now and we all loved them. All three of them!

Advertised brand: ING BANK
Other additional credits:
Production house: NIRVANA FILMS

Spot 1: Chase



Siddharth Kotian : Illustration


My name is Siddharth Kotian. I’m an illustrator from Mumbai India. My main passion is for graphic storytelling but that being such a niche market I basically whore myself to anyone who wants something drawn and isn’t cheap ass about it.
I’m kinda paranoid about people especially when they say they are such a huge fan of mine. Because even I’m not a huge fan of mine. My best friend says I’m just too hard on myself. But that’s ok. Beats being complacent. Let see. What else?
I’m 26 years old. I’m an internationally published writer and artist. I’ve had two operations to get rid of cataracts from my eyes. I know…It’s weird.
Just think of me as the Denis Leary of the art world but without the looks, money or fame. Well, basically an angry artist who smokes too much.

Why are you an Illustrator?
Its just one of those things. A calling I suppose. Some people are inclined to become athletes others are lazier and want to sit on their ass and draw all day. I like sitting on my ass and drawing all day. But seriously, I love illustrating because it’s basically a celebration of life and imagination. Once you get down to deeper understanding of drawing you kinda enter a secret world and begin to see things differently. You become more aware of the world around you and the people around you and start to find beauty in everything.  Being a good artist isn’t just about being technically good but also about having a good soul. I think art saved my life.




By Arjun Mukherjee. Arjun is a Creative Director with Bates 141, Kolkata.

Probably the most dreaded thing that gives any creative animal sleepless nights is the disease commonly described as a ‘creative block’. It’s like someone has placed your tender neck on the chopping block where many executioners appointed by the agency stand with gleaming, sharp axes in their hands. Other oddballs in the creative department look at you with sympathy dripping from their eyes or stand with daggers drawn, busy bees in the account management smirk at you inside the loo and even the chicken tandoori that the helping hand lovingly packed in silver foil seems bland and boring.

Until that idea pops up and goes ‘trinnng’ over your head the feeling doesn’t go. It’s gnaws away into your ego and even forbids you to facebook, twitter or blog away to glory on boring everyday issues. By then you have been through the brief about 102 times, have summoned the pale junior executive to your table and bullied him on irrelevant points that wouldn’t have made a difference whatsoever. You have changed pens, drawn massive doodles on your pad and even wished you joined that accounting job which your mamaji kindly offered when you were fresh out of college. Still the idea doesn’t show any inclination of making even a guest appearance of some kind.


Anusha Yadav : Photography


About herself: I am 34 years up the life ladder. Professionally speaking, I am a narrative & editorial photographer and a book designer.

Why are you a photographer?
I am a photographer, because currently, I feel I am better at expressing a point of view through pictures. Also because I can’t be a CIA agent.

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
Yes thrice.
The first time at the age of 12 (for only a day), after discovering my father’s Pentax camera, with no film in it, I shot everyone passing by the balcony, including the guy who flashed me. (yes, it was traumatic)
the second time After seeing Anita Khemka’s photo essay on the Aravan Festival in Tamil Nadu in 2001.
and finally after a Max Vadukul Talk. But it was more of what he said than his superb work, in 2005.