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Reynolds : fine writing

Advertising Agency: JWT Chennai, India
Executive Creative Director: Senthil Kumar
Creative Director: PK Prasad
Art Director: PK Prasad
Copywriter: Zena desilva
Illustrator: PK Prasad
(we are seeing a lot of good work from JWT Chennai! Congrats guys, for pushing the envelope!)



Never say die!

Illustration in Indian Advertising

George Supreeth runs  Pencilsauce, and Bite Lightning, an illustration studio and an Illustrator representation unit in Bangalore. He was among the new breed of computer literate visualisers who wiped out advertising studio artists in the mid 90s. He quit the Ad industry in 2000 and has been sulking around its periphery ever since. He teaches at the local art college and he loves to draw.

There’s something about the Punjabi  word ‘Jugaad’, that doesn’t translate too well into English, but it is a concept that is intrinsic to Indian advertising illustrations. There is something about our advertising that utterly and completely ignores illustration as a visual device. Perhaps social scientists and psychologists may say that it is the inherent Indian trait to deify that makes the humanizing art of photography a more relevant option. That and the fact that Photoshop changed everything in the early 90’s.

1956 ad

Illustration in Early Indian Advertising
Illustrations actually had a pretty good run in early Indian advertising. The fact that it lent itself to the coarse ‘Indian’ art paper (as opposed to foreign art), and reproduced well also helped.  Most illustrators were studio artists, who created stunning art using alabaster paper and poster colours. In fact until a few years ago, the model for most applied arts courses were actually illustration courses, posing as applied arts for advertising.


Tata Indicom : the local transport campaign

Go one life. All local calls across Maharashtra & Goa @ 50p/min.

Local transport, represented by yellow-black Taxis, BEST Buses, Auto Rickshaws and Local Trains, is an integral part of people’s lives in Mumbai. Tata Indicom was launching a new tariff plan in Mumbai, where all calls from Mumbai to anywhere in Maharashtra and Goa could be made at a local rate of 50 paisa (less than 2 American Cents). The concept in the campaign is simple and yet eye catching. The ads show how one can now “reach” different places in the state at 50p. Local transport of Mumbai has been used to showcase the message.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB+ULKA, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: K S Chakravarthy
Creative Directors: Haresh Moorjani, Samir Chonkar
Art Director/ Typographer: Balakrishna Gajelli
Copywriter: Siddhi Desai, Balakrishna Gajelli
Photographer: Amogh Thakur



Sakaal Agrowon

Agency: Pratisaad Communications Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India
Creative Director: Abhijit Joag
Sr. Art Director: Nasir Shaikh
Art Director: Girish Rapatwar
Illustrator: Girish Rapatwar
Account Executive – Amit Magar