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Nishant Choksi : DesiCreative in Brighton, England

 Nishant Choksi

Nishant Choksi : I’m a 33 year old illustrator working from Brighton, England. I’m married and have a daughter with a second one coming in July. I like comic books, UPA animation, Gram Parsons and coffee.

Why are you an Illustrator?

I wanted to be a comic book artist but could never get beyond the first panel. Illustration seemed like the best alternative.  My work is one panel from a longer narrative.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?

I studied fine art at Central St. Martins. I didn’t like the look of illustration and design courses as they were too structured. The fine art course was more about working things out on your own and self initiated.

You have a distinct style of illustration. How long did it take you to develop your style?

I’ve been working for about 9 years and my style has developed a lot in this time. It was much more angular and cartoony in the earlier days. I still feel like I’m finding my voice. I have a way to go before I feel I’ve nailed what’s in my head.


Papyrus Clubs

Advertising Agency: JWT India
Creative Director/ Copywriter: Ashwin Parthiban
Art Director: Vinci Raj
Executive Creative Director: Senthil Kumar

(it’s from around October ’08, but we still love it)




Britannia: Theater for Children

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Anil Thomas
Art Director: Rathish Subramaniam
Copywriter / Illustrator: Carl Savio
Photographer: Kiran Nama

This one is an excellent series. Make sure you see the entrire campaign…

Britannia banana

Britannia Ice Cream


Change India : Prabhat Khabar

Client: Prabhat Khabar
Agency : Taattva Siddhartha, New Delhi, India
Creative and Art Director: Krishnendu
Copy Writer: Suvomita
Client Servising: Bijulal

Copy: Let deflate their tyres who are responsible for your road mishaps.
By casting a vote

Prabhat Khabar 01

Copy: Copy: Lets bring out their results who are liable for your children not having proper education.
By casting a vote 

Prabhat Khabar 02

Koba Long LAsting Batteries

Advertising Agency: FP7, Oman
Creative Director: Noufal Ali
Copywriter: Arun, Noufal Ali
Illustrator: Sannop, Renjith Pillai
Photographer: Jacob.k, Sandra M. Matheson
Client Servicing: Ajay Menon, Manish Rodrigues


Junkyard 2