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Anuj and Denesh

Creative duo Denesh and Anuj came together in 2004 after being introduced by a london headhunter. They recently picked up a creative excellence award from wpp’s john o’keeffe and have since been getting around some of the top ad agencies in london and amsterdam including BBH, Wieden+Kennedy and Strawberryfrog. Denesh 07966 473785 | anuj 07939 038929

Recession in advertising:


A loss of confidence has been breeding through London since last summer. At least the sun helped us all to feel a bit better day to day. But then came autumn and winter, as for you who know how miserable these British seasons can be, it only added to the snowballing currents of depression flowing from the City in the east to the media industry and the heart of shopping in the west end.

Now upon hearing the massive job culls in the financial part of town, then to the shop floors on high streets up and down the country, slowly and surely more and more people in advertising were being overcome with “depression”. It’s been filtering through all forms of communication, and when everyone talks about something, it’s hard not to believe it. But the thing is, so far it’s not been as bad as it’s been made out to be.

However global networks have set hiring freezes across their agencies, this has set the trend for others to follow, it’s purely about confidence.
It’s not just London either, the disease is spreading like the plague, “it’s gonna wipe people out”, that’s what we keep hearing. We’ve been in touch with agencies all over the world from the states to Australia and they are all talking about the recession, no one is sure about what’s happening and so no one is grabbing their balls to make a confident decision.


The Recession Effect

A very dear friend of mine, working in a top 10 MNC Agency wrote this in, as a response to Recession and Advertising. He requested to remain anonymous, and we shall respect that.


When small men cast tall shadows, the Sun is about to set – Japanese proverb

So the recession is here. Much has been written, discussed and ‘felt’ of the recession here in India. And I am not going to discuss the ‘bigger picture’ or about the ‘way ahead’ or anything of that sort. It’s much too intellectual for my understanding. I know that being in the corporate world we can’t be and should not be as uninterested as we at times are about the way things are in the economic world. I know however much an ‘ostrich syndrome’ we might have about things like these, we cannot escape it. The results of recession are there for all to see.

Recession is a great learning experience. And I don’t mean economically. It is a time to learn about the human psyche in different levels. You have the Indian agencies jumping the gun and laying off people and freezing the hiring, but that’s the macro level picture. What I find interesting is seeing the micro level behavioral changes of agencies and its people in times like these. It brings out the best, or should we say the worst of them. Thanks to recession, I got to hear and experience instances or anecdotes which range from funny to bizarre. But they all have one thing in common, that is, they demonstrate, what small people we are surrounded with. Small people, who in times like these, draw out their cloaked daggers. Small people, who give veiled threats to others. Sample this, “If you guys can’t do it in time, then I’ll talk to the other team”. Bravo my friend! You just demonstrated how good you can be at what you do.



The DesiCreative design a t-shirt and win a trip to Goa AdFest Contest


The big idea is to fly to goa for free!

Given the theme “desicreative”, all you have to do is submit your idea for a t-shirt. It can be a complicated layout, or a one-line scribble. What matters is the idea behind it. Submit your jpeg file here and you (and your art/copy partner) can win a trip to Goa AdFest 2009 (April 2-4, 2009), where you could see everybody wearing the winning t-shirt!

Entries will be judged by DesiCreative.

The not so fine print: The contest is open till March 25th. You can send as many entries as you like! This is just a fun contest so some creative folk can attend Goa AdFest! We fly the winning team (two people at the most) from anywhere in India to Goa (in a no-frills airlines, in these times of recession, we will be looking for the cheapest air fares), put them at a respectable place in Goa (please don’t expect a 5 Star stay, meals/drinks not included) during AdFest (April 2-4, 2009), and cover their AdFest registration! All other expenses (travel insurance, meals, personal expenses, laundry, taxi fare etc) are upto the winners to take care of. All submitted entries become property of DesiCreative. If you need to clarify something, please ask.

Entries will be judged by DesiCreative, whose decision will be final and binding.  DesiCreative may decide if there is no winner, if the entries are not exciting enough!

(You will have to create a user account, in case you don’t have one already, to be able to post your ideas)