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Brand Immortality: How Brands Can Live Long and Prosper

By Hamish Pringle and Peter Field

Brand Immortality

Properly managed, no brand need decay and die — immortality is within the reach of all.  If the right decisions, the right resources and the right imagination are brought to bear, brands can renew continuously and outlive their creators. Brand Immortality is a health manual for brands that seek immortality.  Full of examples drawn from household brands, it examines how the nature of brands has changed over time and continues to evolve, and the implications this has for marketing.  It identifies the factors that are essential to a brand’s long term survival — especially those which defend and strengthen a brand’s place in the hearts and minds of consumers. Enriched by comments from industry insiders, Brand Immortality identifies winning brand strategies.  Full of experience and insight, it will help marketers and their agencies beat the odds in winning, retaining and satisfying customers.

Mother’s Pride Pre-School

Client: Mother’s Pride pre-schools
Agency: out of the box, New Delhi, India
art directors: guneet pandya / viral pandya
copy writers: viral pandya / sabu paul
photographer: tim mcpherson

Copy: Let children learn to be imaginative




Fish Palace Restaurant

Client: Fish Parade Restaurant
Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: John Mani, Alok Gadkar, Anand Tahilramani
Art Director: Alok Gadkar
Copywriter: Anand Tahilramani
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Copy: Fresh seafood come to Rolla Street.




Client: Eros Group
Agency: The classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Pankaj Ramnathkar
Art Director: Sameer Ketkar
Copy: The Hitachi big capacity Super Wash


Hitachi 02

Hitachi 03