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Whirpool Kitchenware

Stop carrying that smell around.Odour free kitchenware.Advertising Agency: DRAFT FCB, IndiaCreative Director: Shiveshwar Raj SinghArt Director: Gursimran KaurCopywriter: Kingshuk DeyPhotographer: Sushmendra DubeyPublished: January 2008 



What in heaven’s name are you searching for?

Ajit works as the Asia head of strategic planning for a top BTL firm  He also runs a successful blog called Le Trou De Lepin 
Search is where it all kind of came together. The advertising pieces that is. And search is where it also broke apart.
People want access to information in various formats. First there was text, then there were images, then there are videos, then there are blogs… the list can be quite large even to segregate into “kinds” ofthings one would like to review.
But then, for a while search was becoming a kinda specialised thing. Different searches for different things, you flipped between pages, portals, sites… confusion!
Maybe not anymore… noticed what Google has been doing for the last few months when you search for something? Go ahead, try some of these at least to notice it. Harry Potter, Yoda, Darth Vader… wonder why its about characters only, but then, these are just top of the mind examples to illustrate…
Notice the difference? You have images, book selections, where to buy, blogs if at all etc etc etc…
The term used to describe this search enginebehaviour?  Universal Search. Google’s search product for Web 2.0… albeit it still only raking in some select searches, but soon to become the overpowering control point!