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Sunayna | DesiCreative from New Delhi


Sunayna is about to steal Johnny Depp’s heart away, and secede, with him, from the rest of the world. (Only, he doesn’t know it yet.) The happy couple will live deep in the Amazon, where she says she will miss her other two addictions, Jack Daniels, and the Italian soccer team. She will be missed, but eventually forgotten, by her colleagues at Euro RSCG, and former colleagues at Ogilvy, Grey, etc. But she don’t care.

Why are you in Advertising?
Do you have a better offer?

Did you always want to get into advertising?
Chronological order of my wish list:
Age 1: Barf Queen
Age 3: Piss-control Queen
Age 5: Tall-enough-to reach-the-refrigerator-handle Queen (Also ref Age 15 for consequences)
Age 7: Cricketer
Age 9: Maradona
Age 11: Drama Queen
Age 13: Astronaut
Age 15: Slim-enough-not-to-get-wedged-in-refrigerator-door Queen (Also ref Age 5 for the reason)
Age 17: Manufacturer of AK 47s in India
Age 18: Pilot/writer/model/artist/musician
Age 19: Contacted mounting bills syndrome; briefly flirted with becoming a bank robber
Age 20: Reality bites: Junior Copywriter – Ogilvy and Mather