Rajesh Sinha

Rajesh Sinha: In Conversation With A Creative Director

Rajesh is currently working at Innocean Worldwide, NCR, as a Creative Director. He is a very affable person. He has a mass market sensibility and thinks from his heart. He loves to come up with visual ideas as much as crafting good lines. He believes that the greatest advertising insight is the fact that people just love a good story.

Why are you into Advertising?
I was in Chennai, doing an engineering course. It was really boring. I used to read lots of magazines those days. Once I read about advertising in ‘Competition Success Review’ in their regular section called ‘Fast Track Careers’. That got me interested. I also did a small course in advertising from The British Institute. Then I applied at a few agencies and joined Equations, a small agency in Chennai. 

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I did a diploma in advertising from The British Institute and BBA from University of Madras. 

Tell us about your Awards? How has that impacted your career? Do clients listen to you more?
I have not been a big believer in awards. But I do think it helps in advancing ones career. I have been featured in Lurzer’s Archive a couple of times and recently won a bronze in MTV Buzz In Content Awards, 2021 for Sony Alpha cameras.