Sanket Patil : Photography

For Sanket the idea of product photography was born while he was pursuing his Masters in Product Design at Industrial Design Centre, of IIT Bombay.

With an experience of working as a Car designer (CMFG) with TATA motors design studio, he further honed his astute visual sense of communicating finer product details using photography and lighting as a medium.

Taking his passion further, he is now working as a still life photographer based out of Mumbai.
He specialises in shooting products, food, lifestyle and architecture-interiors.

In a short span of time, Sanket has worked for renowned brands like Godrej, Raymond, Park Avenue, EBCO, Future Group, Medimix, Dainik Bhaskar, LivSpace, Futuring Design, SKYi Developers and iStudio Architecture.

His work has been acknowledged by an honourable mention by the IPA (International Photography Awards) for his personal project of Indus Pride Beer Campaign.

Why are you a photographer?
I have always been a visually sensitive person, tryst with photography happened long back when I got 2-megapixel camera at the back of my then Sony w700i. I soon realized lighting is my medium to capture the visual aesthetics that I observe and imagine, and thus camera became my tool of choice.

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
Rather than a moment, there were series of incidences that have led me to this very present day. One such clear incidence I vividly remember is, on one of those corporate outdoor training sessions the course instructor was asking everybody where do you see yourself after 10 years etc., without hesitating for a moment my answer was ‘ I would like to have my own independent photography career in place ‘. I think the dialogue was going on internally for quite some time, it just needed an external provocation to come to the surface.

Sanket Patil

Ashish Gurbani : Photographer

Born in Liberia, along the western coastline of Africa. Having been raised in different cities like Kanchipuram, Mumbai, and finally Pune has added a lot of cultural diversity in his upbringing. Ashish’s life has been a melting pot of experiments and crazy adventures.

The entire process of bringing together several seemingly disparate elements into one interwoven piece of pictorial art that stuns the viewer; It is this that gives him ultimate satisfaction.

Not only studying Photography, Ashish has a background in Mass Media, Advertising and Journalism. He has worked with highly respected photographers like Vikram Bawa, Manjari Sharma and Brian Pineda. He also shoots for Automobile magazines because of his sheer love for automobiles and traveling.

Fashion photography came to him after a lot of experiments and sleepless nights of dabbling in many different genres’ of photography. He has also been awarded the Best Photographer by Jabong Online Fashion Week. He absolutely loves shooting surreal concepts and experimenting with lighting.

“I believe in transforming imaginative ideas into reality. The entire idea of the Human eye and the camera sharing the same principles of physics inspires me to perceive things in a different manner. What makes each one of us different is what we do with our thoughts.” -Ashish Gurbani

Why are you a photographer?
Photography to me came by chance. While I was growing up, I had no certainty of where I was headed and I totally stumbled upon it. The only reason I am a photographer is because I was to use it as a medium to communicate my thoughts and ideas and reach out to audience unaware of certain topics.

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
Yes, the day I was gifted the Canon 550D by my parents, I knew I was definitely doing the right thing. It was about 12 years ago.


Prabhat Shetty : Photography

“Born and brought up In bombay, I was part of the last of the generations who lived the analog life. tapes, cassettes, no cable tv, playing outdoors. growing up In the 80’s and 90’s, In chembur which was so multicultural.
I went to a convent school, had Maharashtrians, Sikh, Catholics, Gujuratis, Malyalis as neighbours, these were the times when we had a set of games for each season and time of the day/ night and almost all outdoors.”

“I graduated from St. Xavier’s Bombay, In Physics. I was already reading a lot of film books, biographys, film technique , some history. I wanted to study film making, but since I could not afford to go to film school then, I started with some odd jobs right after college, from selling Insurance to marketing ‘Colgate Total’ to dentists, to a call centre job. and In that time I had decided learning ‘on the job’ is the only way I could get closer to what I wanted to do. Thankfully, soon I got a chance to work on a movie as an AD and then after a year, started working with Suresh Natarajan. Which eventually led me to discover my love for the still Image.”

Why are you a photographer?
I got acquainted to the arts when In senior college, I remember I would sit In our beautiful library (St Xaviers Bombay) and read books on films, fimamkaing, film makers,even though I was majoring In physics.
So the shift had begun there. I was particularly drawn to the visual medium. It was the excitement of creating, the entire exchange of energies.
Each shoot day makes me happy. Meeting a whole new set of talented people each time I shoot, is exciting and stimulating.
Also the fact that I am getting to be a part of the most documented time ever (atleast till now) In ways of contributing pictures. particularly the portraits I have been shooting of Influential personalities of our times. that makes me feel like I am a part of something that will be around even after I pass. Even If It is In the smallest way possible.


Vivek Mathew : Photography

Vivek Mathew’s tryst with photography began with a simple thought – capturing the brilliance of a moment. Doing what he does best, Vivek today, has travelled the world and experienced the essence of life, through his camera lenses. And it is an addiction he never wants to get over.
Having completed his education at Asia’s top notch institution – The Light and Life Academy, Ooty – Vivek has gone on to bring life into Fine Art, Architecture, Travel, Nature, People and Interiors, through his photography. Considered as one of the “Young and Unusual” photographers of today by the India Today Magazine, he has also been featured in prestigious publications – The
Times Journal of Photography, Time Out, Design Today, Better Interiors, National Geographic Traveller India, Forbes India, Smart Photography, Bangalore Mag, The Times of India, Femina, Classic Imaging and Women’s Wear Daily -New York
Adding perspective to his works are his exhibitions, which have brought to light several aspects of daily life. I.Opener in 2005 at the ‘Renaissance Gallerie’ focused on subjects ranging from still life to portraits to exteriors, as Waterborne in 2007 at ‘Industree’, experimented with ripples, reflections and patterns. His third exhibition at ‘Sublime’, UB City in 2011 – Canvas wall – was inspired by the rustic and the crude. His fourth exhibition, Perfect Imperfections, in February 2015 at the ‘Art of Delight’ dealt with nature and man-made pattern. His fifth and the most recent show, Yesterday Once More, in March 2017 at ‘Venkatappa Art Gallery’ was an array of architectural windows, chronicling time and stories, from different cities.

Why are you a photographer?
I loved seeing pictures as a child & loved how moments were captured and lasts forever like for example your parents wedding or your 3rd birthday party or your summer holiday as a kid & these moment can never be captured again. This got me interested in photography & I wanted to capture images which I see in my everyday life. So photography is my form of communication to the world & how I see life around me.

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
I remember walking into family or friends parties as a kid & begging them to give me their cameras so that I can take pictures of the event. Those moments I remember I didn’t want to do anything else but to be a photographer as a kid itself. I think capturing the moment was something I enjoyed at that time & I still do. The decision I made as a kid that I wanted to take up photography as a career & I got a chance to follow my dreams. (more…)

Mihir Hardikar : Photography

Mihir Hardikar is a Mumbai based commercial photographer with a focus on food, beverage, product & people photography.
After graduating from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, he went on to study at the Light & Life Academy in Ooty
where he specialised in different disciplines of photography.
Apart from his commercial work, he loves to swim, travel, try out different cuisines, street and sophisticated and dreams to taste local food from across the globe.

Why are you a photographer?
Don’t really have a philosophical or profound view on this.. It was just a natural progression from art college to specialisation to full time profession.


Vinit Bhatt : Photographer

A man who is seriously hindered by his inability to express anything worthwhile, except when it comes to expressing through his camera. Then he is a different beast. Passionate, crazy, creative, unwilling to rest till he gets the ‘perfect shot’.

Why are you a photographer?
There is no greater satisfaction than watching visual communication and visual arts come to life. An idea which is just a spark in someone’s mind, finds an expression which ignites different reactions and ways of thought in others. One may be awestruck, others may respect it, and yet others will find it a staircase to a new higher ‘thought’.


Harnesh Joshi : Photography

Harnesh Joshi, a Mumbai based fashion and advertising photographer, had a rollercoaster ride from pilot training to graphic design, from being a illustrator to a photographer. He always tires to push himself out of the comfort zone to create something new with creative & innovative ideas. As they say it there is no alternative to hard-work.

Harnesh’s contrasting and conceptual pictures can be found amongst the emerging and creative designers featured in leading fashion magazines & various national and international exhibitions. He can seen in the global directory of photographers Production Paradise. He has won awards & honorable mentions such as Photographer The Year by One Eyeland, Fashion photographer Of The Year by Monochrome Awards for his fine art and fashion photographs.

Why are you a photographer?
“I would rather have a camera than a notepad & pencil”
Documenting since childhood, over the years I realized that accidentally I documented priceless moments & the places we travelled. Photography is an exciting medium for me where it lets me peek into a person’s viewpoint for a moment, lets me self explore, beautiful language without words & capability to freeze a moment.

Vaydehi Khandelwal : Photography

Vaydehi Khandelwal known as Camerawaali held a camera at the age of thirteen and knew it would be her whole life. She started training under a photographer at a very young age and by the time she was seventeen she knew that photography was her calling. She completed her Masters in Photography from Mumbai and soon after she was a part of various artists in residence programs in India and Italy…followed by shows, collaborations, films, wedding photography and specialisation in documentary art photography from IED, Madrid, Spain.She also owns a wedding photography company called Weddings-Before & After. Recently her project I AM VERY TIRED was featured by Leica and published on various art platforms. She is currently travelling, making pictures and working on her next street project.

Why are you a photographer?
Am a photographer because I was meant to be…

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
For me it was more of a process… of being exposed to photography at a very young something that I liked doing… to a profession.


Riddhi Parekh : Photography

Riddhi sees frames everywhere, not just because she is a photographer, she always saw them. She see people, their expressions, gestures, the play of light and shade and a profusion of colours – slivers of magic, and she try’s to capture it all! The opportunities are endless for someone who sees an image in any situation.

Having begun as a clueless teenager Riddhi found my true calling only after having dabbled in the Ad world. Her tryst in photography began with assisting ace photographer Nrupen Madhvani and her resolve to become a name to reckon with became even strong. After which she joined Shari Academy of Digital photography where my passion grew by leaps and bounds and she went onto becoming the Master Craftsmen of the year and also bagged the Best Fashion Photography and Food Photography Award, Luxoculus.

Why are you a photographer?
I am a photographer because I am terrible at math and have an attention span of a gold fish.

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
Yes, very vividly actually. It was my 6th month in my first proper job in an advertising agency as a brand planner and I was cribbing about how much I hate it to one of my colleagues. I was always good at arts and wanted to get into the creative side of ad making. I was trying desperately to find a way to get in to graphic designing and it seemed more and more impossible everyday. My colleague asked me a simple question: If there were no criteria or any restrictions what would you want be? I answered either a pilot or one of those cool National geographic wild life photographers. He said here you go bingo. Not sure about the pilot bit but photography seems like a good transition. And the next day I was researching about photography and within next 2 months I left my job and became a photographer.


Vijit Gupta : Photography

Vijit is a freelance photographer based in Bombay. He loves playing with light and has been learning from the best (Martin Prihoda). Is a fitness enthusiast (mainly basketball and cross fit). Briefly did a client servicing internship with Lowe Lintas just after college and realised that he had to jump onto the ‘other side’.
Why are you a photographer?
Because photography allows me to express, travel, meet new people everyday, learn new things and have new experiences.

Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt ‘I want to be a photographer’?
After my stint at Lintas for about 20 months, I moved back home (Ahmedabad) to figure out what to do with life and picked up my dad’s old Pentax Mesuper and started shooting randomly trying to make use of whatever time i was wasting. It really got my attention and i quickly enrolled myself into a basic workshop at NID Ahmedabad. After meddling around with the camera for a few months i contacted my old friends at the agency and hustled an assisting job for Martin Prihoda. That was it.