Designing Aura Cinemas Brand Identity by AVCD Brand Studio

Designing a brand identity for a multiplex theatre chain is an interesting and challenging exercise. The brand directly speaks with a mass audience and it could be anyone who loves the movie. While the aura team approached us, the whole brief was “the logo should be very simple”. So we designed a simple logo that says “your cinema’s AURA” and extended the idea of simplicity to brand identity also. They want to bring the feel of the high-class experience of watching movies into their brand identity.
AVCD executed an effective signage system for AURA Cinemas. For the logo, used black acrylic for base circle and backlit to get the aura effect around the logo. We used Flama a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Mario Feliciano for signages and communications to achieve a modern look.  


Majja by NH1

Majja is a quick service restaurant selling Indian street food as a branded and hygienic experience. Originally started from Ahmedabad, Majja plans to take this experience across India. The brand’s main USP is its authentic Mumbai style Vada Pav, along with Idli, Missal Pav, Vada Ussal, Rajwadi Chaas and more.
The brand targets the youth and office goers who want a quick snack at an affordable price, the challenge was to create a brand synonymous with authentic taste, fun, young and affordable.

Client: Trebro India Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Design Agency: NH1 Design, Gurugram, India


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2 Men And A Beer : Documentary Series for Haywards 5000 by Happy Creative

The best discoveries are happy accidents. When Benjamin Hayward, the great-grandson of Sir Anthony Hayward, after whom the brand is named, wrote to SABMiller India requesting an internship, little did he know what he would uncover.

SABMiller India announced the release of a five-part documentary series that traces the history and legacy of the Haywards brand.  The video series titled ‘Two Men and a Beer’ follows Ben across India, tracing the origins and heritage of the brand founded by his grandfather. Ben, a resident of Birmingham in England, chanced upon a BBC report on Haywards 5000. After a little enquiry, he began his internship which took him across the country to retrace the brand’s steps and uncover some of its past.

Dabur Real Volo by Wow Design

What is WOW Design?
WOW Design is a Strategic Brand Design firm which has been the strength behind some of the major Brand Launches and Revamps in the country, and has been growing steadily under the able leadership of the powerful trio: Deepti Kshirsagar, Saswata Das and Saiprasad Karalkar. While it was Deepti’s brainchild fueled with creativity, it was Saswata who brought in majority of the clients and Sai who got in the best of talent, which helped lay down the strong foundations of the company. Each one of them has brought in the best industry expertise and experience to form a strategically strong, creatively fresh and technically perfect team. WOW Design, a private limited entity with a strength of approximately 40 employees, has won over the trust of its esteemed clients by its Thoughtfully Fresh approach. It’s known in the industry for its expertise in Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging, Retail and Space Design. WOW Design has been associated with the top FMCG majors in INDIA and International wiz:
JK Helen Curtis
Cavin Kare
Berger Paints
JYOTI Laboratories etc. to name a few. WOW design has been successful in implementing effective brand strategies in the NON – FMCG sectors in as well and has robust plans to extend its expertise into tapping the same in the coming years.

What was the brief given by Dabur?
The client’s brief was to extend the fruit equity of Real to the fizz category and target a new TG which was not directly being targeted by Real – the youth. It had to appeal to the target group including Males & Females, SEC A within the age group of 22-25 years living in the metro cities.

The TG looks for a drink with aspirational value and they consume the beverage as a mood enhancer, which helps them break from the monotonicity to elevate their mood. They have graduated from the Carbonated Soft Drink usage and need the fun of fizz in their drink along with tangible benefits. It is the format of the drink that is fruit & fizz which is a new appealing proposition that they want to try, also the variants is a trigger for usage due to the taste perception & exoticness of the berries.

This is a drink that gives the consumer a new tasty option of a fizzy drink with the goodness of fruits, an exotic treat that uplifts their mood. The core reason to believe was an offering with exotic fruits with the excitement of fizz from the house of Real.


Splash Brand Identity by Anoop V Chalil

Anoop.V.Chalil, an independent Brand Identity Specialist and Design Expert has more than 10 years experience in reputed brand Identity firms and medium sized advertising agencies. He worked for more than 4 years with Ray + Keshavan | The Brand Union, one of the best branding studio in India. At Ray + Keshavan, he designed the brand Identity for NCC (Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd), Ashoka University and Symega and has involved in many big projects like L&T, Jindal, Mantri, Gayatri Developers, Hero Cycles, Danone and Sterling Developers. Before Ray + Keshavan he worked with Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd. in Bangalore and many other medium sized advertising agencies. ANOOP V CHALIL is a graduate in Applied Arts from college of fine arts Thiruvananthapuram.

As a much in demand branding and Packaging specialist, Anoop marries logical thinking with aesthetics to create designs that are conceptually robust. He has leveraged his well honed skills in painting and drawing and his understanding of typography to hand-craft typefaces that are truly unique and one of a kind. Anoop’s understanding of print, packaging and media is truly commendable.

After leaving Ray+Keshavan Anoop worked independently with many Indian and International clients like SuperHelse Norway, VMX Creative Studio Dubai, Wayanad Club Pvt Ltd, Wayanad Tourism Organization, I Point Consulting Ltd India.


His works have been published in many international books like Hightone Book’s Big packaging, Choice Gallery’s Package 3. Many design blogs too have featured his works.

One of the best packaging online portfolio sites even selected his work
as one among world’s top 100 of 2013.

His work can be found here.

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Neeraj Joshi : Founder & CEO, TailorWear

One thing which strikes the most when one meets Neeraj is the passion he exudes, be it for his business or his love for fitness and travel.
He has a very impressive educational & professional background which he feels was the consequence of just going with the flow than a well thought out strategy. However he wants to now make maximum use of his pedigree by putting it all in his new venture TailorWear where he wants to revolutionize tailoring service using technology and talent.  

Tell us about TailorWear
TailorWear addresses a very unique problem of its customers in the space of their dressing needs.
Assembly line manufactured clothes are made on perfectly shaped patterns which just don’t fit an average male body. They also do not offer any scope of customization or individual expression.
On the other hand, tailors, while available for a dime-a-dozen in India, the workmanship of this set is pretty inconsistent & unreliable.
Of course, one has to make multiple rounds of markets, first to buy fabric from one place, then look for tailor & then for trials & pickup.
TailorWear takes away all these inconveniences of the customers in one go. Its team, which has a cumulative experience of around 100 years, visits the customers’ place, be it home, hotel or office. They carry fabric swatches which are from the latest collections of mostly Italian mills & leading brands. The same masters then cut and stitch the garments thereby ensuring the complete integrity of an authentic bespoke concept. The masters then carry the final garment to the customer & ensure that they fit well. So, the customers don’t need to step out at all. Through this process, a highly complex service is delivered at customers’ doorstep & at a very honest price.
We also cater to international clients through our Made to Measure service. This provides us with a deep insight of the latest global trends & quality standards as followed in those markets which we apply in the domestic market.