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2 decades ago, mobile phones were in themselves a novel phenomenon. Zip past to 2014 and smart has been the way to go. We are literally getting ‘smart’er by the day, aren’t we? Smart phones, smart glasses, smart watches and an entire gamut of ‘smart’ gadgets.

So when the founder of Vebbler connected with me to check out their social camera app, I was intrigued to know its use-case and how it stood against other photo-sharing apps in the market. When I spoke to them, I was impressed with the way they are presenting themselves and how unique this app really is. I must add, being a new kid on the block, it was very interesting to see what Vebbler had to offer. Once it launches; I am sure they will be able to reach where they desire to be – to offer a fresh look to the way we share photos from our phones in real-time instantaneously. In tech specific terms it’s a camera first application for collaborative group photo-sharing in real-time.

We capture every moment of our lives on camera. However, the more we’ve begun to click photos, the more difficult it has become to seamlessly share it with friends and family. Vebbler is an app that’ll spontaneously help you share captured moments with people who matter.

Once I grabbed the concept on how the app will function; I must add, the product does show potential and looks cool. Here’s how you will benefit from using this app. Just like we have instant messaging apps that have positioned themselves as the default IM app on our phones thus replacing the cumbersome SMSs, Vebbler wants to kill the native camera experience and position itself as the go-to camera app to share photos with people who care – your parents, friends, colleagues etc. The app will soon be available on iOS and android both.

The first question that popped up in my mind was privacy? Here’s what they added, unlike several other online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking services that put personal images out on their platforms to be publicly viewed by the world, Vebbler aims to offer a very personal photo-sharing experience. This way, you don’t even have to click the same photo with an array of phones and worry about the images occupying too much memory.

To make things easy, Vebbler has not only created a URL, but has also created a new phone number 7305-955-955 wherein you can give a missed call to register in case you are really interested in getting a peek at the product and try it out for yourselves before anyone else does.

It’s important to help and support them by registering for the app which is also Indian. It is one of the first platforms that is attempting to build a global consumer tech company from India. So, Vebbler also takes things a notch higher by supporting the Make in India movement.

If you are an early bird in signing up, you will get goodies from Vebbler. Let’s get real, you not only get access to a cool app, you also get rewarded with cool travel bags, selfie sticks and more…and who doesn’t like free goodies 🙂

Once I get a hands-on experience of the app, which by the looks of it already looks trendy, I’ll be posting a review of the same soon. Stay tuned to my blog to get further information.

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  1. Hitesh Patel says:

    Vebbler looks promising…

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