Senthil kumar Art Director

ING Vysya Bank ambient by JWT Bangalore

The Challenge: ING Vysya Bank has introduced a Savings Account that caters to kids, ING ZING. Our task was to communicate this message to all ING Bank customers as well as other bank account holders who frequent ING ATMs.

The Solution: Instead of creating a regular poster, we placed little kiddie ladders at the foot of all ING Bank ATM machines, suggesting the ATMs could be accessed easily by kids as well. We branded the ladder with Zing and also placed ING Zing leaflets in case they needed more information.

Result: The ATM ambient generated huge interest. Customers with kids called and walked into the bank to make more enquiries. This, along with the rest of the ZING campaign has resulted in more than 25,000 Zing customers since the product was launched in November 2010.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Senthil Kumar
Art Director: Akshay Shetty
Copywriter: Rohan Kodialbail

Swipe more. Get more.

Challenge: Promote Landmark’s Lifestyle Inner Circle Card, a membership card wherein every time you make purchases and swipe your card, you gain points, allowing you to win other products in the store.

Execution: Bags, furniture, shoes etc. were lazer-cut into the posters, literally giving the impression that the more you swipe the card, the more you stand to win. The actual Inner Circle card was then placed in the grooves, so that customers could even interact with the communication.

Result: The “Swipe more. Get more” communication stood apart from hundreds of other promo posters in the store and conversion of customers into the loyalty program increased twofold during the promotion period.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Senthil kumar
Art Director: Kanickraj Samuel
Copywriter: Rohan Kodialbail
Illustrator: Kanickraj Samuel
Photographer: Jaggi
Additional credits: Tapas Guha