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What is WOW Design?
WOW Design is a Strategic Brand Design firm which has been the strength behind some of the major Brand Launches and Revamps in the country, and has been growing steadily under the able leadership of the powerful trio: Deepti Kshirsagar, Saswata Das and Saiprasad Karalkar. While it was Deepti’s brainchild fueled with creativity, it was Saswata who brought in majority of the clients and Sai who got in the best of talent, which helped lay down the strong foundations of the company. Each one of them has brought in the best industry expertise and experience to form a strategically strong, creatively fresh and technically perfect team. WOW Design, a private limited entity with a strength of approximately 40 employees, has won over the trust of its esteemed clients by its Thoughtfully Fresh approach. It’s known in the industry for its expertise in Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging, Retail and Space Design. WOW Design has been associated with the top FMCG majors in INDIA and International wiz:
JK Helen Curtis
Cavin Kare
Berger Paints
JYOTI Laboratories etc. to name a few. WOW design has been successful in implementing effective brand strategies in the NON – FMCG sectors in as well and has robust plans to extend its expertise into tapping the same in the coming years.

What was the brief given by Dabur?
The client’s brief was to extend the fruit equity of Real to the fizz category and target a new TG which was not directly being targeted by Real – the youth. It had to appeal to the target group including Males & Females, SEC A within the age group of 22-25 years living in the metro cities.

The TG looks for a drink with aspirational value and they consume the beverage as a mood enhancer, which helps them break from the monotonicity to elevate their mood. They have graduated from the Carbonated Soft Drink usage and need the fun of fizz in their drink along with tangible benefits. It is the format of the drink that is fruit & fizz which is a new appealing proposition that they want to try, also the variants is a trigger for usage due to the taste perception & exoticness of the berries.

This is a drink that gives the consumer a new tasty option of a fizzy drink with the goodness of fruits, an exotic treat that uplifts their mood. The core reason to believe was an offering with exotic fruits with the excitement of fizz from the house of Real.

The two main things to focus on were ;
The premium being charged at Rs.40 needs to justify the value proposition of the product
The product being new and exciting with fruits & fizz is the main PI driving factor

The insight that the brief provided was that beverages are the easiest and fastest mood enhancers.
How was the solution arrived at?
A segment which was left out of Real’s portfolio was that of youngsters from 16-25 years of age. This new launch is intended to bring excitement to this growing target segment, therefore it demanded a thorough understanding of, their behaviour, attitude & buying patterns .Decoding the way they live their life and the way they communicate in their social circles and virtual networks was essential to learn in order to define the identity  and imagery of the brand.
Capturing the essence of the brand’s core proposition of a striking blend of exotic fruit juices with sparkling fizz was imperative yet  had to be communicated in a manner to the young TG to be able  fosters the attitude of choosing something different. Hence the brand identity and imagery had to reflect the contemporary ideas and concept that the youth believe in.
What were the results of the solutions?
The design solution has resulted very well as an output on the cans. The brand has just been launched in a couple of markets and is yet too early to garner the actual response on the same.

Why the name Real VOLO?
The concept was carved out from the core understanding of this generation’s attitude. The brand name was derived from the concept and coined as ‘VOLO’ excerpting the initials from the ‘We only live once’ so that it sounds more inclusive to the youth. The team used  ‘V’ instead of   the ‘WE’ as that’s how the generation’s chats are and  it sounds more inclusive to our TG. The branding and design had to be more youth centric, catchy, contemporary and competitive to grab attention of the today’s young generation. Inspired by popular art forms such as graffiti, music, adventure etc., the tessellation patterns in the identity denote the different personality facets of today’s young generation. The black circle behind the identity lockup denotes the societal norms and the tessellation glass like pieces bursting out from the fading concentrated circles signify the free spirit of the youth, breaking the barriers of the society. The bold fonts, contemporary patterns with seamless integration of the fizz story in a distinct way, are sure to differentiate the pack on the shelf space. The Exotic flavours led to defining the vibrant colours for the variants contrasting on the steel grey background.  An unconventional approach adopted to appeal the young created an individualistic shelf space for VOLO.
What colours are they available in? Does each colour represent something different?
The variants are available in two vibrant colors Red and Purple. The Red colour stands for cranberry and blueberry whereas the Purple colour stands for black current and grape. The colours black and silver have a veiled meaning in it. The black color of the circle denotes the societal norms and the tessellation glass like pieces bursting out from the fading concentrated circles signify the free spirit of the youth, breaking the barriers of the society on an outrageous silver background.
How would you describe the youth of today?
I won’t say that the Youth today lives a carefree life. They live it more on their terms and also believe in voicing out their opinions and are strong headed in their attitude. The youth love to experiment and hence it’s challenging to emulate a brand for the youth. We got into several rounds of deliberation, research and surveys that led to decoding their responsiveness towards relevant stimuli in terms of imagery, colours and tonality. Our team has been able to hit the nail right on the spot for VOLO, I would say.

How much time did it take on the research to meet the brief’s objective?
An extensive secondary and primary research was done for the understanding of this category of carbonated drinks and the emergence of newer formats in the category – the consumer, the cultural standpoint. The entire research took about a month to lead to a channelized strategic solution.


Details for VOLO :
Creative Agency : WOW Design  
Creative Director: Aniruddha Banerjee
Art Director : Aarti Lad
Copy Writer : Puja Shirodkar
Digital Artist/ Artworks : Vishal Shinde

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