Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari : My First Job In Advertising

How did you land your first job in advertising?
My first job in advertising was as a summer trainee in network advertising. I remember Rajan giving me my first assignment on Jet Airways. It was a bunting and dangler. And when it got printed i could not believe that this is my work. I had flaunted it to everyone i met.
Later I joined Leo Burnett as a trainee. And that was a very funny interview. I had gone with my huge portfolio and was called into Aggie’s room. I desperately wanted to join LB. He looked at my work and as he was about to say something there was a cockroach running on the carpet. It was the very old LB office. (but still my favorite one. we could hide or runaway from office and servicing would not know 🙂 He asked me ‘ Are you scared of cockroaches? I was quiet smiling.. and then he said ” if you are scared I wont hire you” I took it very seriously and said “No i am not”. He laughed and said “There will too many here to hound you, including me” So when do you want to join… I smiled and said “tomorrow”.

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