Why Webydo’s Sweeping The Design Industry With Its Code-Free Parallax Scrolling Animator.

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Parallax scrolling has skyrocketed in popularity since 2013 and is starting to become every designer’s top choice for creating a site. Parallax, paired with spellbinding animation with potentially endless scrolling, makes content king, and keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more.
Webydo’s 97K designer’s community voted and their team has created the first pixel-perfect, code-free Parallax Scrolling Animator. With it, not only can you implement this amazing feature on your website, but you can finally do so without writing a single line of code.




After a successful month in its closed-beta trial, Webydo has released their Parallax Scrolling Animator, code-free to designers to create pixel-accurate sites for their clients. This comes at an exciting time for designers, as they are now privy to all the design features available on the market, but completely code-free so they can enjoy more creative freedom.




What is Parallax Scrolling Animation?
The theory behind the technique is quite simple and grew out of the multi-plane camera used in traditional animation since the early 30s. The application in computer graphics was popularized after the 1982 arcade game Moon Patrol. By having the background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, the developers of yore managed to create a greater illusion of depth in the 2D video games and add to the immersion and the gamer’s experience.

To apply this same technique in a web page we make the different elements of the web page move at different rates (or remain static) when a user scrolls up or down the page.
Unfortunately the practical application of the effect is not as simple as it sounds. The Parallax Scrolling effect as you can imagine requires a heavy amount of JavaScript/jQuery code to implement it. And if your code isn’t well-optimized or well-written you will probably ruin the users experience with very slow page load times. So your whole effort will backfire and be wasted.





Meet Webydo.
Webydo is a cloud-based design studio, where you can manage, design and create professional websites efficiently, through a WYSIWYG interface. The Parallax Animator integrates seamlessly into the other features of the design studio. And with it you can create parallax scrolling animations with pixel-perfect accuracy.
With the Parallax Scrolling Animator, you can:
Move elements individually as the user scrolls through the page creating motion and the illusion of depth.
Set motion paths, opacity, rotation and speed for the various objects as well as define the scrolling events.
Design visually and have full control of the design process from start to finish.



With Webydo you can control the entire design process from start to finish. That’s why over 97,000 professional designers use Webydo on a daily basis for all their web design needs. And thanks to their continued participate and suggestions, Webydo has been able to provide the most powerful design studios for their community.

Webydo is a community-led platform. We’ve developed the pixel-perfect Parallax Animator because this is what our designer community voted for. Our designers are leading the platform and shaping its features. If designers will vote for a digital unicorn, our team will develop a digital unicorn! Now, we’re dying to know what you think of our parallax scrolling animator,” said Shmulik Grizim, the company’s CEO Webydo.

You can join the community of other creative professionals by signing up HERE today for free to take advantage of this great opportunity to unleash your creative freedom. Webydo was created by designers and for designers like you to be able to create and publish professional sites for your clients from start to finish.



This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.