Satya Rajpurohit : Redefining Indian Typography

Satya has started The Indian Type Foundry and with it released a much needed professionally designed Unicode Devnagri typeface called Fedra Hindi. DesiCreative in a small chat with Satya Rajpurohit.

Tell us something about the Indian Type Foundry. What is your vision with The Indian Type Foundry.
Indian Type Foundry is a small company based in Ahmedabad which specializes in designing high quality multilingual fonts for the indian market.
Our intention in starting the ITF was to make people aware of typography and to provide well-designed fonts for the Indian market. It is also important for us to educate people — both our clients and design students — about typography, fonts and font licensing. In order to do this, we’re planning on giving lectures, holding workshops and publishing related articles on the web, in books and in magazines. Eventually, we want people to understand and appreciate the effort that goes into designing typefaces, so that they can start buying them legally and using them properly.