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YUWEUS: The People With The Ideas

We started YUWEUS almost a year and a half ago as a new-age brand communication ideas agency. Why new-age? Well, we approach work with a modern-world ideology – we believe in the power of collaboration and we focus on sharp, efficacious solutions.

We have tried to step beyond the regular and craft solutions that are creatively innovative and razor-sharp. So, when Rotary International briefed us on spreading Thalassemia awareness, we achieved it through a 5500 km India Long Drive. When East India Pharma wanted to connect with people during the festive season, we created a film series of 6 quirky #NonstopPetPuja Tales that was viewed by 2.25 lakh people online. And when a Durga Puja committee in Kolkata desired to garner higher eyeballs than its most popular neighbour, we brought in pundits from Banaras to perform live Ganga Aarti and create the ultimate show-stopper for every pandal-hopper.

What made you start YUWEUS?
A) We were tired of the regular.
B) We saw the potential of converting businesses into brands.
C) We sensed the need of new-age brand communication models. It might come to you as a surprise but Kolkata, where we are, is a thriving hub of entrepreneurship. There is an A-list of homegrown companies doing great business, but unfortunately that’s where they have stagnated. They have never considered taking the brand building approach. With us having connections in various business houses and with over 2 decades on individual experience in brand communication, we have set a vision to apply new-age models, including tech integration, to sprout brands out of businesses.


ProQuizzin League Film by YUWEUS, Kolkata

Attached is a homemade digital film created by YUWEUS to promote the online leg of the first every Quiz Sports League – the ProQuizzin League. In the future, the league will have its on-ground legs (in format like the IPLs) once the world normalizes. For now, people can enjoy the quizzing battle between 6 cities online on Youtube.
Client: ProQuizzin League
Agency: YUWEUS, Kolkata, India
Story & Script: Sanjeev Dassani
Shoot & Edit: Aanton Mookherjee
The film is totally homemade. No humans were harmed in the making of the film.

Thalassemia Awareness Week by YUWEUS, Kolkata

Client: Rotary Club of Calcutta Sun City, Rotary International District 3291
Agency: YUWEUS, Kolkata, India
Copy: Sanjeev Dassani
Art: Aanton Mookherjee

Thalassemia is a life-taking blood disorder. Over 3,00,000 babies are born every year with it. Surprisingly, the parents are the cause of a child being born with this dreaded disease.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Thalassemia. Fortunately, it is absolutely simple to prevent. If couples get a simple Thalassemia Blood Test done before marriage, it can be determined if they carry the traits of Thalassemia or not.

Rotary Clubs of Kolkata, RI District 3291, with support from various Rotary Clubs across India and Bangladesh, have come together to fight the threat by creating widespread awareness. The campaign ‘Check the T. Strike off Thalassemia.’ created by YUWEUS has today become a war-cry for everyone to join this fight.

Sharing their thoughts on the campaign, Sanjeev Dassani and Aanton Mookherjee, the guys behind YUWEUS said, “To be handling such a global mission is not just a matter of prestige, but a huge responsibility on us. The success of the initiative can save many-a-lives, hence whatever we express needs to create a deep impact and move hearts.”

East India Pharma Festive Campaign by YUWEUS Kolkata

Rolls, puchkas, chow and biryani speak up for their self-respect this festive season

Through 4 quirky digital films, East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd revealed the untold pain of our popular festive delicacies and stepped forward to promote #NonstopPetPuja during festivities.

Ever thought how a biryani or chow feels when, after relishing on it during the festivities, you blame it for indigestion and stomach upsets? They are angry. They are protesting. Listen to their agony as we see the foods speak their heart out in these 4 unusually uncanny films created by Kolkata’s new-age brand communication agency YUWEUS, for East India Pharmaceutical, one of the leading pharma companies in Eastern India. The entire weirdness of foods talking made the campaign gather over 1.25 lakh views during the nine days of Durga Puja. The films were also converted into interesting comic strips that were also widely shared during the festivities.

Speaking on the campaign, Debarshi Duttagupta, Managing Director, East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd said, “We are amongst the most experienced pharma companies in the country with over 8 decades into manufacturing some of the longest running and widely prescribed medicinal products. This campaign is an effort to reinforce our responsibility towards the society. The films are a soft reminder to people about ‘responsible eating’ during festivities in a fun and friendly tone. The audience today is smart and evolved; hence we have taken a conscious decision to absolutely abstain from every element of preaching.”

Studies reveal that the key reason for stomach upsets and indigestion during the festive season has been ‘irresponsible eating’. But strangely, the food has always bore the blame. Smartly leveraging the insight, the campaign dramatizes the grief of the food items in a quirky manner to send across a humble message to everyone of ‘enjoying the festive treats responsibly’.

The films were created in Bengali and launched online during the Durga Puja time, to target the food-loving Bengal audience. Each film features a popular Bengal food item like Roll, Puchka, Chow and Biryani, narrating its story of grief and humiliation. They express their anger and raise a protest (something that’s not at all alien to Bengal) against this continuous oppression. The films end with East India Pharmaceutical asking people to eat with a little care to enjoy #NonstopPetPuja in the festive season.

The films were also converted into very interesting storyboard style comic strips in English called the #NonstopPetPuja Tales that were widely circulated on every social media platform during the 9 days, primarily to reach out to the non-Bengali speaking audiences.

Sharing their views on the creative thought process behind the films, Sanjeev Dassani and Aanton Mookherjee, the guys behind YUWEUS said, “This was the first visible campaign by the company in so many years and the need was also to establish the progressive ideology of the leaders. The challenge therefore was immense. We chose to use humour. We chose to make the food items talk. The idea was not just to break away from the regular feel-good festive communication but more of a strategic effort to announce the personality that the company is evolving to adorn. And we believe that the campaign holds that essence. Today, the fact that it has been ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ by thousands, speak of its success.” And they didn’t end without saying, “Watch out for the campaign’s Diwali release!”

Watch the films here:

Client: East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited

Creative Agency: YUWEUS

Agency Heads: Sanjeev Dassani & Aanton Mookherjee
Scripts: Sanjeev Dassani & Abhishu Rakshit
Client Servicing: Ritwik Bhattacharya 

Director: Debajyoti Ghosh
Voice: RJ Deep

Enolaton by Yuweus, Kolkata

Client: Enolaton
Agency: YUWEUS, Kolkata, India
Creative Ideators: Sanjeev Dassani, Aanton Mookherjee
Copy: Sanjeev Dassani, Abhishu Rakshit

Some ads (or pieces of communication) become special not because of the artwork, big idea or the metal they earn, but because of the circumstances they were created in and the cause they were created for. This little effort was one such.

ENOLATON is a budding ‘new age’ music group, ‘band’ as they prefer calling themselves, with some of the best talents in Kolkata collaborating to create an exciting genre of music. And the best part is that they are experimenting with sound, lyrics and compositions, instead of trying to ‘follow’ an existing formula.

We (at YUWEUS) thought of giving ENOLATON this piece of communication to add to their spirit of experimentation. They agreed to the idea, and that’s what makes them even special!

On #WorldMusicDay, we urge all the advertising professionals who love their music to help a new music group grow. Let’s take up the #IAdMusicToMyPortfolio Challenge and support the cause of music.

Maybe this won’t do justice to our number targets, but it will do a world of good for music.