AudioBooks Student Campaign

Our main motive for the campaign was to represent our legends and there biography with there own words in Audio Lab. And if you zoom in over the portraits you guys can see how the portraits has been made with the help of typography in a very simple and cute manner.

Advertising Agency (School): Chasmawala hai na!, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Chintan S. Gopani
Copywriters: Babusona Ghanti
Jr Designer: Dipen Jain, Niyomi Jerajani, Babusona Ghanti


Desi Belle by AutumnWinter

The print campaign was designed with the core thought of creating a world that has been heavily influenced by the Western Fashion. To add the millennial connection to the campaign, we took the widely popular internet abbreviation WWW and gave it a new meaning – World Wide West. The campaign captures the essence of western fashion through a striking collection, jewelry, maps and decor items.

Advertising Agency: AutumnWinter Communications & design, MUMBAI, India
CCO & Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Jr. Art Director: Aditi Haldankar
Sr. Writer: Rahul Paul
Photographer: Priyank Nandwana
Sr. Account Executive: Yesha Kavaiya
Stylist (Harshad): Jimmy
Makeup: Gayetri Chakravarthy
Hair: Zeba Shaikh
Production & Props (Aura Production Thailand): Hiren Sonie
Producer (India): SpringSummer Films
Graphic Artist: Diwakar Jakkani
Photoshop: Naresh Berde
Retoucher(India): AVF Studio

Desi Belle
Desi Belle
Desi Belle

Dispose Responsibly by Collateral, Mumbai

This campaign was an initiative by Croma, the Electronics retail store and Times of India to educate people about the hazards of Ewaste. Old electronics disposed carelessly can end up damaging the environment, So Croma decided to launch a public service initiative to pick up E-waste, Door to Door, from homes to prevent this.

Advertising Agency: Collateral – The Storytellers, Mumbai
Associate Creative Director: Harish Gadkari
Visualiser: Dipak Mane
Creative Director Copy: Vinayak Upadhyay
Copywriter: Moiz Dohadwala

Self Promotional by Yellow, Mumbai

Our designs speak about the importance of physical distancing in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Rather than just telling people how it’s done, we wanted to display the intensity and seriousness of the situation with the help of this creative series that puts forth everyday instances. We’ve been told to stay in for ourselves and for our families but yet such appeals fail to get the recognition it needs. These creatives simply state that the virus is EVERYWHERE and to save yourself as well as others, the best destination for you is home.

Advertising Agency: Yellow | Branding and Digital Marketing Agency, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Shrey Doshi
Writer: Maansi Parikh
Graphic Designer: Milind Gawas


Zing Dark Deo by Openspace, Mumbai

Advertising Agency: Openspace Agency, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Yusuf Lokhandwala
Copywriter: Priyanshi Shah
Graphic Designer: Shraddha Patil

The five new fragrances of Zing Dark, a deodorant brand made exclusively for men personify the words freedom, mythic, energy, courage and seduce comparing them to their alter ego animal forms that encourage the user to embrace their inner personalities of being bold, vibrant, confident.


Software Towels by PixelFox Studios

Trees, like water, are the harbingers of life. Showing a towel that’s partially soaked in water, with the drenched patch shaped like a tree, we wanted to establish that they are in need to be conserved, sustained and watered more, than cut down. This also entails planting more trees, focusing more on sustainable practices, and caring for nature, just as nature cares for us.

Advertising Agency: Pixel Fox Studios, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Amit Damani, Krutika Vernekar
Art Director: Kamakshi Shirodkar, Mrunesh Kochrekar
Copywriter: Anupama Ahir
Account Executive: Achaiah KP