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Leo Burnett Israel and Samsung present: “Flight of the Bumblebee”

Nowadays you have to be alert, attentive, on the lookout. You’ve got to keep your phone at hand and be prepared to draw it out in an instant, because you never know what situation you will encounter that will warrant documenting.
It could be an elephant giving birth at the safari.
It could be a triple rainbow.
or it could be a traffic cop dancing in the middle of a busy street intersection.
At those moments, it is crucial you be able to operate and access the right camera features on your mobile at lightning speed because that may just determine whether your footage becomes the next big video sensation and ends up conquering the web.
That’s why for the launch of the new Galaxy S21 series with its advanced photography and video capturing features, we brought the story of a bumblebee that surprises a Dad making him do all kinds of goofy stuff you wouldn’t want to miss capturing. So while Dad is seen dancing to the tune of the bumblebee, his kids pull out their devices and document the moment, each using a different feature of the phone.
Watch our commercial here:

Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel
Client: Samsung Israel
CEO: Ori Gal
CCO: Ami Alush
VP Client Services: Yonatan Regev
Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim
Creative Team: Hezkush Yeshurun, Meital Miller
Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia
Account Supervisor: Hagay Zaken
Account Manager: Efrat Gelfand
Director: Eran-Shushu Spanier
Production Company: Green Productions
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

Leo Burnett Israel and Samsung Israel present: Galaxy Note 20/20 Project

Over the last six months, tens of thousands of businesses in Israel have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
So for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, we decided to help 20 small businesses owners and connect them with the leading digital creators in Israel.
We handed each of our creators a the new and powerful Galaxy Note 20, and with the help of its advanced features, they shot, illustrated, photographed and edited a variety of advertising and digital tools the small business owners can use to advertise and publicize their businesses, services and goods.
To date, millions of Israelis have been exposed to billboards, promotional videos and other commercial items we created this way which we hope will march our small businesses owners into a new era of prosperity and success.


Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel
Client: Samsung
CEO: Ori Gal
CCO: Ami Alush
VP Client Services: Yonatan Regev
Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim
Creative Team: Hezkush Yeshurun, Jonathan Blieden
Agency Producer:  Menny Zarhia
Account Supervisor:  Hagay Zaken
Account Manager: Efrat Gelfand
Director: Omri Dekel-Kadosh
Production Company: Udini Films
Creators: Shany Reich, Tal Gutberg  , Yael Linzen Segal  ,  Michael_Topyol,
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and American Express present: HOME COUTURE

American Express x TimeOut Israel let its card members confine from home with style.

American Express card members are known for their impeccable taste and lust of life, culture, food and exclusive experiences. However, as we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has made enjoying even the most mundane of pleasures like eating out at a stylish restaurant impossible. So what do you do when your natural playground has been pulled out from under your feet? How do you provide American Express card members with that trademark stand-out experience?

Working with Time Out Israel, we created a dedicated content hub that lets the brand’s premium card members shop for the very best and very finest online has to offer. From special food packages and designer wines to online home styling services and specially created chef dinners – we curated “all deliverable to your doorstep” packages adapted for consumption from the comfort of your very own home.

Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel
Client: American Express Israel
CEO: Ben Muskal
CCO: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Shay Israel
Copywriter: Eliad Friedman
Art Director: Aia Bechor
VP Client Services: Lee Bryn
Account Supervisor: Sivan Bardagan
Account Manager: Yaara Mazor
VP Strategic Planning: Yossi ‘Joe’ Baruch
Strategic Planning Supervisor: Lora Goichman
Strategic Planner: Assaf Hauschner Regev
Traffic: Ronit Doanis
Marcom: Eva Hasson
Studio Director: Lea Avram Vayzer
Studio: Sefi Gev, Sophie Alon, Dana Schossberger
C – the Branded Content Agency: VP clients: Daniela Klinger
Publicis Media: Mor Berman, Chen Grabovski
Production: Sigler Communications

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and Mazda present: Your Getaway Car

Mazda x Spotify set you up for some badly needed peace and quiet and uplifting tunes

We’re all feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it’s worrying about our health, juggling between looking after the kids and working from home or simply the stress that comes from being cooped up all together 24/7 with no privacy – this crisis is definitely taking its toll. So Mazda thought it would give you a little ‘Me Time’.

For many the car is the one place they can get a little respite and privacy. In regular times it’s their private sanctum –and now even more so. That’s why teaming up with Spotify, Mazda decided to create and curate a few playlists (only 10 minutes long each – so you won’t get into trouble with the misses) that are bound to lift your spirits. Whether you’re looking for an energizing ‘Pick Me Up’, ‘Zen Me Out’, or ‘G-d Give Me Strength’ effect – Mazda has the perfect playlist lined up for you.

Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel
Client: Mazda – Delek Motors
CEO: Ben Muskal
CCO: Yaron Perel
Creative VP: Lior Meiri
Creative Director: Ori Hasson
Creative Team : Lika Mishne, Noam Nizrad, Itamar Paradny
Agency producer: Iris Yisraeli
VP Client Services: Aviv Benzikri
Account Supervisor: Moran Herscovich
Account Manager: Lilia Zigelboim, Alex Gurfinkel
Marcom: Eva Hasson

Leo Burnett Israel and Doritos present: “The Last Doritos”

If you’ve tried recently tried lacing a grocery delivery order, you may have discovered that the more this health crisis drags on, the longer the grocery delivery timeframes become. A that’s a major problem if you’re running out of Doritos.
Everyone knows that you simply can’t resist a pack of Doritos. From the moment you crack a pack open till you see the last crumb, less than a minute will go by for the entire pack to be downed and forgotten. So what do you do in times of Corona when you’re in self isolation and the next grocery delivery isn’t for another two weeks? The answer: self-mastery and rationing – to make the last crumb last.

Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel
Client: Doritos- Strauss Group Israel
CEO: Ori Gal
CCO: Ami Alush
VP Client Services: Idit Zukerman
Creative Team : Meital Miller, Michal Perry
Agency producer: Menny Zarhia
Account supervisor: Shiran Feldman
Account Manager: Sapir Yaron
Director, Editor, Photography and Acting : Asaf Asulin
Marcom: Eva Hasson

Publicis Israel and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi present: “Don’t Just Stand By”

Here is a disturbing fact: A survey carried out among Israeli children and teenagers found that most Israeli children would rather experience physical violence than experience bullying.
Today’s reality however is harsh. If before the advent of social media bullying ended at the gates to school; today with much of kids’ social lives managed via platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, bullying goes way beyond the schoolground – following children throughout their day, whether they are at home or at after school sports activities. And when you’re being picked on, when you’re excluded from the class Whatsapp group, shamed on Facebook by bullies hiding behind their keyboard, the scars stay with you well after you graduate.
Bullying is cruel and heartless and can lead to harsh consequences and in some cases even suicide. But rather than appeal to the bullies or reach out to the victims – we decided to opt for an audience that carries a lot more sway – the silent majority who sit on the sidelines. The kids who while they do not take part in the boycott, also do nothing to stop it.
The campaign initiated by the office of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, under the hashtag #Don’t_Just_Stand_By, was created in collaboration with stars and influencers children love and aims at empowering the silent majority by directing them to a website with tips to help them fight bullying and not stand idly by.

The campaign, which launched just a few days ago, has so far shown amazing results:


BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and the StopCancer Association present: The Cancer That Stuck Me

A campaign for a new Cancer Association dedicated raising awareness to the needs of young adult cancer patients.

Every day in Israel, ten young adults ages 18-40 find out they are have cancer. Still, the country’s support system does not recognize this age category as a population with special needs.

Quite the opposite in fact. For many of these young adults who are just starting out in life – starting a family, buying an apartment, beginning their careers; getting cancer means getting stuck.

Why? Because young cancer patients (and even recovering young cancer patients) can’t get a mortgage, women cancer patients are not told to freeze their eggs (in spite of what you can imagine cancer treatments may do to their ability to conceive & have a baby) and 60% of them are not hired back to work. For them, getting cancer means getting stuck.

The “Stop Cancer” association was created to change that and provide a network of support for young adults with cancer. Therefore, in honour of the first ‘Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week’, we launched #The_Cancer_That_Stuck_Me.

The idea behind the campaign was to emphasize that while a ‘regular’ 29-year-old, buying his first apartment, life is on track to move forward, the life of another person that same age, who just was diagnosed with cancer, suddenly gets stuck. While he is asked to deal with the disease, once recovered buying an apartment will be an impossible dream as he will not be eligible for any funding or mortgage.

The campaign carried which was carried out on every media platform available, attempts to illustrate our cancer patients getting stuck and began with organic Instagram stories which hit a nerve and spread everywhere as hundreds of celebrities joined our cause and shared their stories. Live prime television broadcasts froze, live radio broadcasts got stuck as did TV Promos, Movie trailers and YouTube pre-rolls. Even Israeli President Mr. Reuven Rivlin voiced his position in support of our goal.

Agency Credits:
Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel
Chief Executive Officer: Ben Muskal
Chief Creative Officer: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Kobi Cohen
Art Director: Gali Divon
Account Supervisor: Moran Darzi
Account Executive: Adva Aviad
Media Strategy Manager: Ronit Shekel
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson
VP Content & Production: Iris Yisraeli
Producers: Livnat Alon
Photographer: Ron Kedmi
Video Photographer: Leehou Porat
Video Editor: Tom Lin
Original Music: Yaya Cohen Aharonov
Studio BBR Manager: Yaron Keinan

Studio BBR: Zehava Gonen Greenberg, Masha Varshitsky, Noam Carmel, Jenny Gindus, Eyal Vinitzer, Gabi Levi Elkayam, Robert Mizikovsky

Stop Cancer Team:
Marketing & Strategic Manager: Adi Muggia
Community & social network Manager: Yifat Mor
Minisite Content Manager & copywriter: Sharon Shinar
Minisite Technical operator: Liran Rozen (Anova company)

Tal Center non-profit organization Team:
CEO & Stop Cancer project manager: Shira Segal Kuperman
Chief Executive Officer of Foreign relations & resources developing: Saar Amir
Operation& publicity manager: Shani Adelshtein
Tal Center Founders: Zohar & Yankale Yakobson

Ben Horin & Alexandrovitz Public Relations Team:
Head of Public Sector Department: Amit Melnik
Team leader: Ortal Elias
Media consultant‏: Yuval Mor

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and Para Chocolate present Sweet Advisor

The Eurovision song contest is the biggest musical event in the world and this time it’s taking place in sun filled Tel Aviv – the ‘city that never sleeps’. In total, some 18.000 tourists are expected to make their way here. That’s why Para Chocolate, Israel’s national chocolate brand thought up a way of making their stay super sweet and at the same time give them a taste for the place they wouldn’t forget.

Working with one of the country’s best chocolatiers, it created Para Chocolate’s ‘Sweet Advisor’. A map of Tel Aviv made entirely of Para chocolate that not only details the city’s sweetest spots – but the city’s best kept secrets and places only the locals know about but make Tel Aviv what it is.

The map which awaited them on their bed at Brown and Atlas Hotels throughout the city, pinpointed over 10 points of interest in the city including:

The Shuk HaPishpeshim Flea Market – one of the city’s most colorful places where you can find vintage items while walking through the market’s picturesque side streets filled with bars and restaurants.

The Habima Square – one of the city’s most beautiful squares and home to the Habima Theater with its sunken garden in which we recommend sitting and drinking a beer from one of the nearby bars and cafes.

The Rabin Square – where you’ll find the world’s largest concentration of peace doves.

The Brown Bar – Located at the Brown Hotel which offers a real Tel Aviv kind of atmosphere and the best cocktails this side of the Middle East.

While our chocolate is probably too good to share, we’re pretty sure our visiting music fans will share the knowledge with their friends to make sure they have a stay that really rocks!


Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel
Chief Executive Officer: Ben Muskal
Chief Creative Officer: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Shay Israel
VP Content & Production: Iris Yisraeli
Producers: Nurit Rimon and Tali Sasson
Digital Creative Director: Idan Kligerman
Art Directors: Gal Porat
Copywriter: Ran Even
VP Strategy: Yossi (Joe) Baruch
Creative Strategy: Eva Hasson
Strategic Planning Supervisor: Zemer Doron
Strategic Planner: Assaf Hauschner Regev
Strategic Media Planner: Ronit Shekel
Traffic Director: Ronit Doanis
Traffic: Mor Hay
VP Client Services: Lee Bryn
Account Supervisor: Ronny Chaikin
Account Executive: Michal Kadosh & Sapir Seren
Studio BBR Manager: Yaron Keinan
Art Directors Studio: Gabi Levi Elkayam
Studio BBR: Masha Varshitsky
Video Editor and Director: Leehou Porat
Marketing content: Hadas Cohen

FIREWORKS C.E.O & Chief Creative Officer: Yariv Twig
FIREWORKS Studio Manager: Livnat Tasa
FIREWORKS Studio: Assi Eliovich & Omri Tal

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi & Meuhedet Health Fund present: Little Superheroes An augmented reality experience

Children adore being superheroes. They play with superhero dolls and mimic their signature moves, climbing on the couch just to jump off it seconds later in an attempt to fly soaring through the air just like Superman, Wonder Woman or whichever superhero is the latest flavour of the month.

But unlike superheroes, when kids go wild they can get hurt and break an arm. And when that happens, they are the farthest thing from being a hero … and their tears just leave us adults feeling helpless and powerless.

It’s exactly for cases like these, that the Meuhedet Health Fund launched a new and unique Augmented Reality experience: “Little Superheroes”. Starting today, all doctors treating kids for broken arms will apply onto kids’ casts a special band which when scanned through the health fund’s app turns their arm into a bionic arm – complete with laser beams, spikes and other superpowers – just like their favourite heroes. A sure way to make kids’ tears stop almost instantly and ensure that instead of sitting at school in a corner of the playground while their friends play – they are able to take part and become the heroes of the playground.

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel
Chief Executive Officer: Ben Muskal
Chief Creative Officer: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Kobi Cohen
Copywriter: Nofar Birenbaum
Art Director: Shani Sofer
Chief Technology Officer: Roy Zoaretz
Project managers: Alina Yavsenko, Nofar Birenbaum
Digital Creative Director: Naor Itzhak
VP Client Services: Aviv Benzikri
Account Supervisor: Rotem Mizrachi Yoshia
Account Executive: Hilla Rahimi
Planning Information Specialist: Eva Hasson
VP Content & Production: Iris Yisraeli
Producers: Bosmat Ben David, Maya Palmon
Video Editor and Director: Leehou Porat
Studio BBR Manager: Yaron Keinan
Studio Traffic: Mor Hay
Traffic Director: Ronit Doanis
Studio BBR: Zehava Gonen Greenberg, Chen Ariel Graizman, Masha Varshitsky, Noam Carmel, Jenny Gindus, Dana Schossberger, Eyal Vinitzer, Gabi Levi Elkayam
App development: Appearia

Following Eva : What if a Girl during the Holocaust had Instagram? By Leo Burnett Israel

How do you recount the story of the Holocaust to today’s youth in a way that will make them sit up and listen? You grab them by the guts on the right medium.

Meet @eva.stories – a first person account of Nazi persecution.

Eva Heiman, a 13-year-old girl from Hungary who perished in Auschwitz, left a diary describing the last months of her life. • In preparation of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, her diary will be adapted into more than 50 Instagram stories depicting her life which will be published every 30 minutes on @eva.stories Instagram page set up especially for this purpose.

Imagine what would have happened if the Jewish kids who lived during the Holocaust had had a smartphone, social networks and could have documented what was going on? That was the starting point for ‘Eva’s Stories’ – a unique new Instagram series which will for this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, over a period of 24 hours, issue a new story every 30 minutes documenting the life of Eva Haiman, a 13-year-old girl from Hungary who perished in Auschwitz, and left her diary behind.

When the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944, Eva Heiman was a 13-year-old girl living in the town of Nagyvarad. She began to write a diary on her birthday, February 13th 1944 and stopped on May 30th 1944 – just three months later and three days before she was deported by train to Auschwitz, where she perished.

75 years later, her story has been adapted into a special film project produced and created by hi-tech entrepreneur Matti Kohavi and his daughter Maya, who invested millions of dollars in the project. To do that, they adapted Eva’s personal diary into a screenplay and together with a team of 400 production people, actors and extras, they reconstructed Eva’s life and filmed it in Lviv Ukraine.

“We took the diary and actually translated it into a full 70-minute film,” Mati Kochavi explains. “It is one of the biggest projects that Instagram has ever done.” We asked ourselves what would happen if Eva, instead of a pen and paper for writing a diary, had a smartphone and Instagram. That’s when we decided to shoot the entire film with a smartphone or a camera that simulates the smartphone, with the girl always holding the camera, and the entire film being shot from her perspective”. Kochavi adds that “the idea was to build the environment in which Eva lived and supposedly photographed what she was sending to her friends.”

Eva’s story will be recounted on the special Instagram page set up in her memory for Holocaust Memorial Day. During 24 hours, her life will be brought to life through still images, text passages and stories that will let the audience bear witness to events that took place during the last months of her life – from getting to know her family and friends, through to the Nazi invasion of her city, the uprooting from the house, move to the ghetto, violence and torture she survived, right up to her boarding the train to Auschwitz.

When asked Maya Kochavi said: “The stories will turn Eva from a nameless face into a colorful, lifelike and relevant figure that tells about of her life and what’s happening in it in much the same way millions of people around the world today document their everyday lives”.

Working with Leo Burnett Israel to get the word out, the campaign launched with billboards and a teaser trailer video “What if a girl during the holocaust had Instagram?” and influencer activation strategy. Within hours it sparked a nationwide conversation and @eva.stories Instagram page became the first commercial Instagram page in Israel to organically gather over 120.000 followers in a week. While over 1,000 influencers and Israeli celebrities have already posted about Eva’s Stories, the real win so far is to see the number of youngsters who have signed up to the page and are for the first time discussing Holocaust Day ahead of time.

So when does the page kick-off for real? On May 1st. Posts will appear every 30 minutes until 10:00 AM on May 2nd the time at which the siren will sound and people all over Israel will stand still for a one minute of silent remembrance. Time at which we will also air Eva’s last story – right before she was shipped off to Auschwitz, never to return.

To follow our stories on Instagram: @eva.stories

Project credits:

Screenplay: Maya Kochavi & Mati Kochavi
Direction: Mati Kochavi & Mayv Kochavi
Executive producers: Mati Kochavi & Yona Wiesental
Production company: Pov Productions, Color film
Producers: Neta Karni & Hadar Albaranes&Liat Lehavi
Dop: Lael UtnikLine
Producer & 1st AD: Shabtai Itzhak Eden
Editor: Arik Lahav Leibovich
Research: Dr. Liran Gordon
Client: K’s Galleries

Agency credits:
Agency: Leo Burnett Israel
CEO: Adam Polachek
VP Creative: Ami Alush
Chief Client Director: Idit Zukerman
Creative Team: Oren Ben Naim, Meital Miller
Account Supervisor: Orian Liber
Account Manager: Reut Frid
Studio Manager: Sagi Valenstain
Media: Publicis Media
Marcom: Eva Hasson