The Eggshell Mayo by Miami Ad School

While the majority of us simply bin these outer layers without a second thought, it has been verified that eggshells carry some serious nutritional worth.
Just a single shell provides around two grams of calcium. 
Hellmann’s is on the side of food. So, why waste something so beneficial?
Art Director: Nidal Koteich, Lisette Azulay
Copywriter: Ranjana Naik.
Advertised brand: Hellmann’s
Advert title(s): The Eggshell Mayo
Headline and copy text: We Are On The Side Of Food.
Media: Film, Integrated, Design.
School: Miami Ad School

Ladyfingers Co : Designing in Bangalore

Ladyfingers Co. is a Bangalore based 3 member design team. We do everything from branding and identity to websites and illustration.
Above all, we provide a very unique service called Graphic Recording – it’s a live illustrated note taking that we do during conferences and other public events. It’s super exciting and we’re probably the only design studio that offers it!

What made you start Ladyfingers Co.?
We started Ladyfingers Co. right out of college. I think we all felt we had the right components for a dream team. Amongst the three of us we’ve got a wide variety of skills covered. We all specialize in different things so we’re also experts for the team in that domain.
Running our own studio seemed intuitively like the right choice – we’re not the normal graphic designers. We’re interested in many different spaces and having the flexibility to choose our own projects has given us the chance to chalk out a pretty unique practice that we’re very proud of.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
All of us attended the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.
I suppose we were all in tune to the same pick up line, so we sort of ‘picked up’ each other.


NetBramha : Strategy and Design Studio

Netbramha studios is a full service strategy+design studio with a passion to craft functional products, platforms and compelling software experiences. We help businesses with the power of design. From serving fortune 500 customers to billion dollar startups our UI/UX practice has been delivered across web, mobile, touch and everything digital. We combine strategic thinking & design expertise to create impact.

What made you start NetBramha Studios?
The need of design in India. I believe design has the power to transform anything, anything at all!

Tell us about your designers/programmers. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
Our studio houses 25+ designers apart from the contract designers. Most of them have completed their graduation in design or picked up design from practice.
As long as designers can tell the difference between art and design we are happy to have a conversation with them for open positions. We hire for passion and excellence in craft. Rest really does not matter much.

New Print Work by Shruti Esto

Shruti is a Graphic Designer based in Chandigarh. She is born and brought up in Shimla and studied animation & design from Arena Animation Shimla. Specializing in Digital Marketing Collaterals, User Interface Design, info graphics and Graphic Designs. She builds clean, appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest web standards. She is  working in the industry for last 3 years. As a professional graphic and web designer, she brings a range of art and design disciplines to every project she works on.

“I am a Graphic Designer based in Chandigarh, But that’s just a part of it. Design is my life. It’s my roller-coaster. Without it, my world would be black and white.  After completing my course, this love of creating lead me into various directions which included becoming a vfx artist and animator. As soon as I was introduced to the world of digital graphics however, I fell in love.” I’ve got one foot in the world of digital media one in UI/UX, and a love for both.”

DesiCreative had covered an interview witty Shruti Estop here.








Apeksha Gupta : Graphic Design

Apeksha has conceptualized and executed projects for prominent brands across different industries. Her heart lies in branding and identity, illustrations and typography. She loves to experiment with different medias. Design takes her to another world, another place all together. Dog Lover. Divergent. Imaginative.

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
I think I have always had a strange attraction towards art, drawing, colors and paints. It has been more than an interest since I was a kid! Also, I think it gives me pleasure to fix what I feel needs to be, be it a TV remote that’s not working or a ‘not so happy’ person’s mood! I like listening to people and helping them out in any way that I can! And I think I can do both by being a Graphic Designer!


Deepikah Rahul Bhardwaj : Interview With A Designpreneur

Deepikah is a designpreneur based in New Delhi. She grew up in Delhi in the 90’s and studied communication design from Pearl Academy. After creating a docu-graphic film for UNESCO for her dissertation project, she moved to Mumbai to work at MTV as a motion designer for 4 years. After working with various TV channels- MTV, Nickelodean, Disney; She moved back to Delhi to be closer to family. After a failed attempt at running a startup in partnership; she now works independently from her home studio creating bespoke brands, illustrations, motion graphics and more. She feels in today’s times, networking and collaborating is an essential part of the creative growth process.
A little about yourself:
I am all over the place. I like to call myself a design entrepreneur. I work independently on projects from various media and tend collaborate with the best people in business to create small manageable teams of creatives for every project. In this way, I end up being able to do a lot of different kinds of things without limiting myself to the abilities of a fixed team, like in a studio or a company.

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
I like beautiful things and systems. I like beautiful things in beautiful, seamless systems.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I was the first batch of Communication Design that graduated from Pearl Academy.


Mira Malhotra, Studio Kohl


Mira Malhotra is a Mumbai-based graphic designer, visual artist and founder of design house Studio Kohl. Her personal work tends more to image-making and illustration. Having been exposed to a variety of cultures as a child her work is oftentimes an amalgamation of what it is like to be Indian with what it is to look upon Indianness as an outsider. Colourful, humorous, charming and witty, it stems from her fascination with the decorative items at local bazaars, Indian history or from indigenous arts and crafts.

Why are you an Illustrator?
I love image, and I love ‘drawn’ images. I think it’s mainly because drawing can be unhinged from reality, so what cannot be represented in a photograph or even be conveyed via photorealism can be conveyed via drawing, which can be simplified and broken down, or made complex, at the artist’s/illustrator’s will. This ability that only illustration has, makes me fascinated with it and prompted me to dabble in illustration.


Reverse Thought : Agency Profile

Reverse Thought is a young, vibrant creative hotspot. It is a confluence of designers and developers who aspire to create something out-of-the-box, outstanding for clients and more importantly themselves. Reverse Thought specializes in the BAD- Branding, Audio-Visual & Digital.

Is ReverseThought primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?
Reverse Thought is all about Branding, Audio Visual Communication and Digital. At our core we are a design company with deep strength in technology to execute the design. Illustrations form a part of our projects in many ways. We have built corporate identities for a number of upcoming companies and clients.


Kahani Designworks

Kahani is a young communication design practice. We love a good story and we’re passionate about using design to tell interesting, engaging stories. The kind of work we enjoy doing brings together people, ideas and inspiration from life, literature and art.

Is Kahani Designworks primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?

We do many different kinds of creative and strategy work including illustration, graphic identities, publication design and digital design. Every kind of assignment we take up has the same objective: communication. So whether the need comes from industry, the arts or social entrepreneurs, we work with every kind of client.

Tell us about your designers. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?

Everyone that’s been part of our team at the studio went to design school. It’s not a requirement, but it happened that way because we’re always looking for people who bring rigour to their work. That’s something that seems to come from formal education, though it’s not a rule. What we do ask of our team is that they commit to the studio culture and work ethic, because we’re not a media house or ad agency and the rules of the game are very different.


The Book of Stranger

Twenty years is a long time in studio years and so we thought we’d celebrate the year with something a little less frivolous than our typical offering. The Book of Stranger features a few hundred of the four and a half thousand jobs we’ve done in that time and the cover, inspired a little by Hieronymous Bosch features all of them. We were looking for appropriate packaging and the human skin covered books of the Bosch era seemed appropriate. Just kidding, it’s not human. It is skin though.
The book is available for sale on Stranger & Stranger’s online shop: