Stop Female Infanticide by Independent Creatives, Pune

Advertised brand: Public Interest
Client: Balika
Advert title: Stop Female Infanticide
Advertising Agency: Freelance, Pune, India.
Art Director/Illustrator: Ashwin Hirwe
Concept/Copywriter: Amol Mahajan

In India, preference for a male child and gender-bias has corrupted our minds into ruthlessly killing girl child. This campaign appeals to put an end to this barbaric practice and give the girl child a future that she deserves. We know this world will never be the same without her. This Women’s Day, let’s pledge to save the girl child and celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Stop Female Infanticide. Happy International Women’s Day.


10 Downing Street Pub by Dentsu Bangalore


Advertised brand: 10 Downing Street Pub, Chennai Traffic Police
Advert title(s): Had a Drink? Think!

Advertising Agency: Dentsu India Group

Executive Creative Director: Ashwin Parthiban, Shiv Parameswaran
Creative Director: Rathish P Subramaniam, Sachit Sadanandan
Art Director: Rathish P Subramaniam, Shiv Parameswaran
Copywriter: Sachit Sadanandan, Ashwin Parthiban

Additional credits:
Production House – Silent Picture Company
Director – Mark Manuel
Executive Producer – Balaji Selvaraj
Camera – Anbu Dennis, Vignesh Vasu, Jagadeesh Ravichandran
Assistant Director – Al Hoon
Music – Timothy Madhukar
Sound Engineer – Sean Bout
Post Production – RGB
Offline – Manohar
Online – Mohan
Computer Graphics – Velu

Short rationale (optional):
‘Don’t drink and drive’. Its a message that is so ubiquitous in big cities, it has actually become a blind spot. What this jaded ‘public’ message needed was a personal touch. An emotional connect that would not only make people notice this message, but act on it.
Had a Drink? Think!