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A little about your outfit Cranberry Design Studio. What do you do?
Cranberry Design Studio is a Graphic Design and Digital Marketing organization. We are based out of Pune and service clients across the globe. We are a young and vibrant company specializing in Branding, Marketing Communication, Website Designing, UI/UX, SEO, Social Media Marketing and lots more.

What made you start Cranberry Design Studio?
I have studied MBA in Marketing and through my career in Retail Marketing, I worked very closely with Advertising and was instrumental in a lot of design decisions that would drive business. I enjoy the creative communication field and hence, Cranberry Design Studio! I came up with the name only because I love cranberries!

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
Our design team has a great mix of talent. They have their unique USPs such as UI/UX, Illustrations, Photography along with an obvious flair in graphic design. The best part is that all of us are able to get into the shoes of our clients and always come up with creative designs that are unique and original. I have connected with all of them through online job sites and personal referrals.

Can you tell us the process of building a design language for a brand?
Every element in a brand should weave a story. When we strategise on the visual branding design, the very first thing we ensure is that it is memorable and then it is personal. As for the design aesthetics, the fonts, colour and styling should match the voice of the brand. It all goes through a few rounds of elimination before we can say that yes – this fits the product exactly!

How important is the focus on good design in Cranberry Design Studio?
Design is a language that will introduce your product and your company. It is the first interaction. Good design will communicate the message easily and quickly and sometimes it will make or break the buying decision. For us, focus on the right kind of design is extremely important! And every brand has it’s own uniqueness so it is just as important as being original.

We are experimental and adventurous in our design styles and don’t shy away from going with the trends as well as against! We are versatile and empathetic in our strategic approach. We invest time in learning new techniques and also make sure our designs are creative and convey an emotion.

What does Cranberry Design Studio do which sets it apart?
Our unparalleled service and relationship with our clients definitely sets us apart. We deliver on our promises and we take our commitment to heart. We keep our client’s client at the forefront of all our ideation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our designs and marketing strategies enable business goals to be met. Also, our team bonding and work ethic keep us well connected and we enjoy our work, which shows in our designs!

Tell us something about Design in the Digital Era.
You don’t get much time with the client. Attention spans have reduced and marketing messages have gone through the roof! You only get a few seconds to actually connect and make a mark. Your design should be relevant, easy and memorable. Minimalistic Designs, Animation, Motion Graphics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are all the trends now.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
My hero and role model is my father. He has an eye for design and practicality, he thinks on his feet, he is very well read, he is patient, intelligent and well respected! I have always aspired to be a businesswoman following in his footsteps.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Brand Building?
I worked with superior design and brand-focused companies in USA such as the retail giant Target and the electronics hub Best Buy. There I understood the importance of good design be it in product, packaging, marketing and even the financial services. My work experience with Brand and Advertising teams so far has been the biggest influence for me to choose this path.

Do you work with any advertising agencies? Or mostly directly with brand teams at clients’ side?
We work directly with clients and that suits us best. It’s easiest to understand the goals and strategies needed when you talk to the clients directly. And it enables us to shape design and marketing ideas as required.

What do you feel about the state of design in India? Do you feel that our collective aesthetics need to improve?
Design, especially Packaging Design, has had a major overhaul in India and retail hasn’t been more lucrative than the current time. Internet shopping makes everything accessible and as the spending power increases at younger ages, there is so much scope for new business. The younger generation places a lot of importance on brands and are very brand conscious. Today, good design is a differentiator for many products in the market.

Any other Indian design firms that you admire?
Lots! Elephant Design, The Minimalist, Beard Design, Think Design, The Uncommon Design Co., Six Of Us Design, etc.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? Would you advise them to take on graphic design as a career option?
Most definitely! There are many fields in design and every one of them is poised to make a mark on future business.

Who would your design team like to take out for dinner?
Chris Do!! We love his design sensibilities and it would be awesome to know his inspiration and thought process when it comes to design! Also, Malika Favre – she has designed some fabulous illustrations for The New Yorker covers!

What’s on the company iPod?
Undeniably Bollywood! And also, Blues and Pop songs!

Mac or PC?

Whats your Twitter Handle? Instagram?
Facebook / Instagram – @cdspune
LinkedIn – Cranberry Design Studio

Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
The Team at Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio
Cranberry Design Studio

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