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Nasheet Shadani : Founder, Creative Director

We had an interview with you 10 years ago, when you were at Ogilvy. You also worked at Meta…Now you run your own outfit Nash8. Tell us about this Journey.
Since we last spoke a decade ago, the journey forward has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The evolution from being an Art Director to running my own venture has been truly incredible. Starting from traditional advertising with pit stops at W+K, Grey Singapore and Meta, it has been a journey of self exploration and growth, both professionally and personally.

With my multidisciplinary outlook: around 10 years in advertising, brand building and design combined with my last 6 year stint at Meta where I explored the world of mobile first storytelling and technology, it only made sense to bring all these learnings together under one roof and set up my own shop. Enter Nash8.

What made you start your own entrepreneurial journey?
Growing up is about having more freedom to do what you really want to do and do it your way. I always thought of setting up a space that nurtures creativity with a new age outlook. Nash8 is a place where like minded folks hang out and create something that transcends conventional communication. The idea is to foster creativity and partner with like minded folks, and ultimately solve business problems.

What is the 8 in Nash8?
It is my digital avatar.


Femisafe by Haris&co

These beliefs are harmful because it prevents girls from participating in activities that they enjoy and that are good for their health. It also contributes to the stigma surrounding menstruation, which can make it difficult for girls to get the menstrual hygiene products and education they need.

In India, a country where this belief is particularly prevalent, an estimated 8 out of 10 people refuse to use menstrual cups because they believe that they will break their hymen.

We need to challenge this harmful belief and educate people about the truth about the hymen. We also need to make menstrual cups more accessible and affordable in India, so that all girls can have access to the menstrual hygiene products they need.

If you see a girl being prevented from participating in an activity because of this belief, please speak up. Let her know that she is not alone and that there is nothing wrong with her. We need to work together to break down the stigma surrounding menstruation and give girls the freedom to be themselves.

Advertising Agency: Haris&Co.
Director & Creative Lead: Nihal Zubair
Copywriter: Sidique Shajahan
Photographer: Vishnu KP
Art Director: Amal Lukman
Production Team: Yadu, Gokul, Sarang
Casting: Shamla
Femisafe Team: Naseef & Noureen


Posters made with love. Lift Posters from Response Kolkata

Posters made with love.
For the love for ideas and having fun.

A creative stimulus in 2013 from Ram Ray, Founder of Response, led to adorning our office elevator, with Lift Posters. Giving people something to ruminate over to uplift their mood while journeying up to their fifth floor office.

Enthusiastically taken up by the Response team, these posters are celebrating their 10th year. “Constantly inspiring others, even in an elevator ride, is our job. And we love it!”

Response Lift Poster
Response Lift Poster
Response Lift Poster
Response Lift Poster
Response Lift Poster
Response Lift Poster

BGauss Scooters by Admatazz

BGauss Electric is one of India’s big EV companies. They manufacture electric scooters and have 140+ dealerships all over the country.
Indian EV segment is crowded with players who import low-cost low-quality scooters and sell them under a different brand name. Due to this people often asked if BGauss was an Indian scooter.

Creative head & Copywriter: Yash Chandiramani
Art Director: Yash Chudasama
Media Buyer & Strategist: Parth Gandhi

Creative team on BGauss: Avanthika Ravichandran (Group Head)
Melissa Rodrigues
Karan Raheja
Ronak Variava