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PC Chandra : by RK Swamy Kolkata

Agency: R K Swamy Limited, Kolkata
Client: P C Chandra Jewellers
Creative Director: Biswarup Nath
Art Director: Swarup Pramanik
Copywriter: Purbasha Sana
Studio Artist: Nesar Ahamed, Susanta Biswas 
Account Director & Brand Strategy Director: Santanu De
Brand supervisor: Kinkini Bhattacherjee

Festival of Ligfhts by TBWA/India

CEO: Govind Pandey
Chief Creative Experience Officer: Russell Barrett
Executive Director: Namrata Nandan
Account Director: Jovetta Monteiro
Social Media Executive: Vasanth Kumar
Senior Brand Strategist: Shimona Mohan
Creative Directors: Vinay Saya, Shalini Singh
Art Director: Vinay Saya
Copywriter: Shalini Singh
Photographer/Illustrator/Typographer: Vinay Saya

Festival of Lights by TBWA/india
Festival of Lights by TBWA/india
Festival of Lights by TBWA/india
Festival of Lights by TBWA/india
Festival of Lights by TBWA/india


Copy: Ashish Kharwatkar
Art Direction: Darshan Choudhari
Client: Marico

A recruitment campaign for B-School graduates, enticing them to join Marico for its unconventional thinking and business approach.

This campaign won a Gold at the Effies and shone bright at the inaugural Pink Slip Awards, with 3 metals for Best Employer Branding, Best Single Ad and Best Campaign of the Year, in 2007.

Ashish also teaches the fine art of Copywriting here.

(“PS: Some people might take umbrage at the use of the word ‘dwarf’. My apologies for that. It was PC to use it at the time and in India, and we were given to believe that it was acceptable even for people with dwarfism.” – Ashish)

Chotu Ki Chah by Post office Media

Advertising Agency: Post Office Media, India
Production Company: Post Office Media, India
Art Director: Vipul Arora
Copywriter: Vipul Arora

Let’s reflect on the stark reality of the Indian education system. Shocking statistics reveal that a staggering 8.4 crore children are deprived of schooling, with approximately 78 lakh youngsters forced into labor even while attending schools. It’s time to unite for their right to education and a childhood free from exploitation

Choti Ki Chah by Post office Media
Choti Ki Chah by Post office Media
Choti Ki Chah by Post office Media

Aanchal Lodhi : In Conversation With An Illustrator

Aanchal Lodhi is an independent illustrator and surface pattern designer from Delhi, India. Her work consists of bright, whimsical, and oh-so-cute illustrations! In the last two years, she has illustrated over 5 children books and worked with a wide array of clients. Apart from client work she works on a number of passion projects allowing her to explore and experiment beyond her comfort zone.

Outside of work, Aanchal finds joy in exploring new art or craft forms and loves a cozy night in.

Why are you an Illustrator?
As someone who was NEVER good at drawing, I find it quite amusing that I ended up here! My journey into illustration began after graduation when I discovered surface pattern designs by Bonnie Christine. This led me to fall in love with the boundless possibilities,and made me slowly transitioned to creating illustrations.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I have completed my formal education in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, DU. Along with that, I pursued a certificate course named “Design Innovation in Fashion and Textiles” from NIFT, Delhi.