BBR Saatchi & Saatchi presents: “Embracing The Haters”

‘Torteet’, ‘Teami’, ‘Egozi’ and ‘Twist’ are chocolate bars from a different era. Had you come to Israel in the 1970’s you’d have found only one chocolate brand on supermarket shelves: Elite’s bars. They were the brand everyone grew up on and loved.
But with the years, the Israeli market opened up and international brands made their way into the country and its supermarkets. Israelis, many of whom had never been abroad, were enchanted by the opportunity to get a taste of being abroad even if it was only by intermediary of a chocolate bar made overseas. So they slowly began ditching Elite’s chocolate bars in favor of the international power brands – a gradual but ultimately mass exodus which ended with the shaming today of the few consumers who remained faithful to Elite bars. Consumers the public has branded as ‘weirdos’ and ‘misfits’.

But Elite refused to surrender to the haters. Instead, they decided to take a drastic step and restore its faithful consumers’ pride in eating the bars. How?
By redesigning the bars’ packaging and changing the bars’ names to what Israeli consumers reproach them most:
Twist became—- “It’s dry!”
Torteet ————- “Who (the hell) eats it?”
Teami ————– “What (the #$@!) is in it?
Egozi ————— “But why (would you eat it)?”

The bars and their redesigned packaging, were relaunched under the tagline “You can’t explain love” and distributed all over the country with our ad busting billboards in tow just to nail and spread the message (we off course also used social media and influencers to help spread the message – but we will not go into that now).

Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi
Client: Elite Confectionery, Strauss Group
CEO: Ben Muskal
CCO: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Shay Israel
Art Director: Yuval Zuckerman
Copywriter: Ronni Azulay
Digital Creative Director: Idan Kligerman
Creative Social: Nofar Birenbaum, Eshchar Cohen
Creative Digital: Gal Mamalya
VP Strategic Planning: Yossi ‘Joe’ Baruch
Strategic Planner: Zemer Doron, Asaf Hauschner Regev, Lora Goichman
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson
VP Group Account Head: Lee Bryn
Account Supervisor: Sivan Bar-Dagan, Ronny Chaikin
Account Executives: Lior Ben Izhak, Tye Schreiber
VP Production: Iris Israeli
Agency Producer: Bosmat Ben-David
Video editor: Leehou Porat

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