‘A Tiny Difference’ : Student Work from Miami Ad School

Title : A Tiny Difference.
Brand : Preparation H

Description: Hemorrhoids! OUCH! Thats painful. Even if we don’t want them 75% of will get them at some point in life. In fact 1 million new cases get reported every year. Thats 83,333 a month, 19,230 a week, 2,739 a day and 144 an hour. OUCH! Having to deal with that constant discomfort sucks and can really ruin whatever it is we try to do in our daily lives. So we decided to make people feel a little more comfortable. Using PREPARATION H SUPPOSITORIES we created a series of posters that showed how much a tiny difference on the inside can make to the outside.

Art Director : Rajath Ramamurthy and Tamas Kovacs
Copy Writer : Tosan Matthews
School : Miami Ad School

tosan 1


tosan 1

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