viswaprasad raju

TVC For Bison Panels by Doo Creative

Brand: Bison Panel
Agency: Doo Creative India Pvt Ltd
Directors: T V Prasad, Viswaprasad Raju
Creative Team: T V Prasad, Viswaprasad Raju, B P Sarathy, Venkat B
Account Management: Vamsidhar Mannem
Director of Photography: Suman Raju Rudraraju
Additional Photography and Line Producer: Manish Lakhani
Line Production: Nature Candid Productions
Additional Credits: Stanzin Khakyab, Saravana Kumar
Music and composition: Rigzin Nurbu & Tsewang Nurboo
Recorded and mixed by Rigzin Nurbu
Recording Studio: Resonance Music Hub (Ladakh)
Lyrics: Tsewang Nurboo Daman (Drums): Tsering Motup
Vocals: Tsewang Puntsog & Tsewang Nurboo
Local Coordination: Gulzar Hussain, Stobgais Konchok, Imran Location: Ladakh

Travel Sketches book by Viswaprasad Raju

Viswaprasad Raju is an advertising professional and a travel sketch artist based In Hyderabad. He is the Co-founder & Director of Doo Creative and has previously worked with leading advertising agencies such as R K Swamy BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, among others; while his travel sketches have been widely published. 

Most of the advertising professionals lead a dual life. From late Padamsee as a theatre professional; Piyush Pandey as a scriptwriter for films such as Bhopal Express; Balki as a film-maker; Bharat Dabholkar as a theatre professional; Prashant Godbole as a photographer; Prasoon Joshi as a lyricist; Prahlad Kakkar as a scuba diver; Abhinav Dhar as a Wildlife Photographer; Kiran Khalap as a professional rock climber; Sumanto Chattopadhyaa as an actor; and many, many more. They need a hobby/vocation that allows them to get back refreshed and get cracking. 

For Viswaprasad Raju, it’s travel sketching. And advertising offers enough opportunities for travel: shoots, conferences, pitches, ad tests, meetings et al, and, for him, since 2007, it’s been a passion that took a form of a book called Via Pen & Ink. 
Via Pen & Ink. It’s a collection of travel sketches spanning 10 countries: From the National Parks of Central India to South East Asian Cities, from Cape Town to Oxford, from Hyderabad to Dubai, the book tries to capture the moments, landmarks and people all along. Drawn on location (most of them), the sketches offer a different perspective of the places I have been to, and enables the reader to take a welcome break from the photography-led imagery of today’s times.