Vishnu KP

Femisafe by Haris&co

These beliefs are harmful because it prevents girls from participating in activities that they enjoy and that are good for their health. It also contributes to the stigma surrounding menstruation, which can make it difficult for girls to get the menstrual hygiene products and education they need.

In India, a country where this belief is particularly prevalent, an estimated 8 out of 10 people refuse to use menstrual cups because they believe that they will break their hymen.

We need to challenge this harmful belief and educate people about the truth about the hymen. We also need to make menstrual cups more accessible and affordable in India, so that all girls can have access to the menstrual hygiene products they need.

If you see a girl being prevented from participating in an activity because of this belief, please speak up. Let her know that she is not alone and that there is nothing wrong with her. We need to work together to break down the stigma surrounding menstruation and give girls the freedom to be themselves.

Advertising Agency: Haris&Co.
Director & Creative Lead: Nihal Zubair
Copywriter: Sidique Shajahan
Photographer: Vishnu KP
Art Director: Amal Lukman
Production Team: Yadu, Gokul, Sarang
Casting: Shamla
Femisafe Team: Naseef & Noureen