Souvik misra

Rollick Durga Poojo by SoS Ideas

Advertising Agency: SoS Ideas, Kolkata, India
Executive Creative Director: Souvik Misra
Executive Creative Director: Soubhik Payra
Creative Director: Manas Maity, Pratyush Chakraborty
Illustrator: Pathik Panja
Copywriter: Piyali Mukherjee

Rollick is one of West Bengal’s favourite frozen dessert brands that offer a wide range of frozen desserts for people to delight in. The festival of Durgotsav is no different. It rather amplifies people’s spirit to enjoy every moment of the festive grandeur.
This very emotion is aptly reflected in the campaign, where we have used popular Durga Puja elements like the Dhaak, Dhunuchi, Lotus, Conch and Trishul in an interesting illustration style. All these elements, drawn on different types of ice cream spoons justly describe the fun-filled moments of the festival.


Croma by SoS Ideas, Kolkata

E-waste affects the Indian ecology adversely. Chemicals and fumes from old dumped electronic waste affect birds and animals around the country. This campaign addresses the issue directly using an Indian folk art form. The call for action asks people to call Croma Electronics, who would collect old E-waste from doorsteps and would recycle them responsibly.

Advertising Agency: SoS Ideas, Kolkata, India
Creative Director: Souvik Misra, Soubhik Payra
Copywriter: Uttaran Chaudhuri
Art Director: Siddhartha Sankar Ray
Illustrator: Tiyasa Das

Purnam Medicare by SOS Ideas, Kolkata

The advertisements are created to make customers aware of Purnam’s Skin-tightening solutions. Skin-tightening is a very common surgery in India, specially in the entertainment industry. It is not very popular among the general population, as they feel a surgery like this can involve complications. At Purnam, easy skin-tightening solutions would assure the masses and help them too.

Agency: SoS Ideas, Kolkata
Brand: Purnam Medicare
Client: Bisk Farm
Executive Creative Directors: Souvik Misra, Soubhik Payra
Senior Creative Director: Uttaran Chaudhuri
Creative Directors: Biswarup Nath, Siddhartha Sankar Ray
Retouching: Indrajit Nandy

Purnam Medicare by SOS Ideas Kolkata
Purnam Medicare by SOS Ideas Kolkata