Opium Is Closer Than You Think : By Miami Ad School

Advert title: Watch for Red Flags
Campaign name: Watch for Red Flags
Media: Digital
Language: English
Headline and copy text:
Watch for Red Flags: Opioid Addiction is closer than you think
Agency: Miami Ad School
Brand: Netflix
Art Director: Caro Latorraca
Copywriters: Margherita Teodori, Daphne Lefran
Short description:

Someone close to you may be battling an opioid addiction, but you may not realize it. Knowing the signs of addiction can stop the problem before it’s too late.We make the public aware of the red flags of opioid addiction with the help of the people we love and know best – the characters of our favourite Netflix series.

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Netflix by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Picture My Mood
Campaign name: Picture My Mood
Media: Online
Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Brand: Netflix
Art Director: Yann Loussouarn
Copywriter: Adam Rathbun


Short description:
Have you ever had music that listened to you? Music that changed based on both what you were doing and how you were feeling? As part of its new movie-suggestion algorithm, Netflix teamed up with Spotify to create a cinematic music experience independent of tiresome browsing. Introducing Picture My Mood. All you need to do is open it on Spotify and select the genre of film, such as rom-com, western, and noir.
Picture My Mood constantly evolves your personal film score as you move about your day, as if you are your own protagonist. And when you finally come home, you can simply open your connected Netflix account to pick from a special queue that suggests based on what you have been listening to.