Liebe Fonts

About a year ago, LiebeFonts (which is German for “sweet fonts” or “dear fonts”) began publishing witty picture fonts based on the work of illustrator Ulrike Wilhelm. LiebeErika is Ulrike’s first alphabetical font, and it has skyrocketed into the upper reaches of our Hot New Fonts list. A thin, compressed typeface with a hand-drawn look, LiebeErika shares some characteristics with recent fonts such as Amarelinha or Strangelove Next but the differences are obvious. LiebeErika’s curves are smoother and its shapes more regular — without being stiff. More importantly, it has lowercase forms (and very charming they are), plus more extras than you can shake a stick at: cheerful alternate forms and figures, ligatures, nicely designed key words (“and”, “the”, “by”) and more. While you need OpenType-enabled software to use these advanced features, you’ll be able to enjoy LiebeErika’s graceful shapes with other programs as well.

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