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Designing Aura Cinemas Brand Identity by AVCD Brand Studio

Designing a brand identity for a multiplex theatre chain is an interesting and challenging exercise. The brand directly speaks with a mass audience and it could be anyone who loves the movie. While the aura team approached us, the whole brief was “the logo should be very simple”. So we designed a simple logo that says “your cinema’s AURA” and extended the idea of simplicity to brand identity also. They want to bring the feel of the high-class experience of watching movies into their brand identity.
AVCD executed an effective signage system for AURA Cinemas. For the logo, used black acrylic for base circle and backlit to get the aura effect around the logo. We used Flama a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Mario Feliciano for signages and communications to achieve a modern look.  


Splash Brand Identity by Anoop V Chalil

Anoop.V.Chalil, an independent Brand Identity Specialist and Design Expert has more than 10 years experience in reputed brand Identity firms and medium sized advertising agencies. He worked for more than 4 years with Ray + Keshavan | The Brand Union, one of the best branding studio in India. At Ray + Keshavan, he designed the brand Identity for NCC (Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd), Ashoka University and Symega and has involved in many big projects like L&T, Jindal, Mantri, Gayatri Developers, Hero Cycles, Danone and Sterling Developers. Before Ray + Keshavan he worked with Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd. in Bangalore and many other medium sized advertising agencies. ANOOP V CHALIL is a graduate in Applied Arts from college of fine arts Thiruvananthapuram.

As a much in demand branding and Packaging specialist, Anoop marries logical thinking with aesthetics to create designs that are conceptually robust. He has leveraged his well honed skills in painting and drawing and his understanding of typography to hand-craft typefaces that are truly unique and one of a kind. Anoop’s understanding of print, packaging and media is truly commendable.

After leaving Ray+Keshavan Anoop worked independently with many Indian and International clients like SuperHelse Norway, VMX Creative Studio Dubai, Wayanad Club Pvt Ltd, Wayanad Tourism Organization, I Point Consulting Ltd India.


His works have been published in many international books like Hightone Book’s Big packaging, Choice Gallery’s Package 3. Many design blogs too have featured his works.

One of the best packaging online portfolio sites even selected his work
as one among world’s top 100 of 2013.

His work can be found here.

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