Bisk Farm

Purnam Medicare by SOS Ideas, Kolkata

The advertisements are created to make customers aware of Purnam’s Skin-tightening solutions. Skin-tightening is a very common surgery in India, specially in the entertainment industry. It is not very popular among the general population, as they feel a surgery like this can involve complications. At Purnam, easy skin-tightening solutions would assure the masses and help them too.

Agency: SoS Ideas, Kolkata
Brand: Purnam Medicare
Client: Bisk Farm
Executive Creative Directors: Souvik Misra, Soubhik Payra
Senior Creative Director: Uttaran Chaudhuri
Creative Directors: Biswarup Nath, Siddhartha Sankar Ray
Retouching: Indrajit Nandy

Purnam Medicare by SOS Ideas Kolkata
Purnam Medicare by SOS Ideas Kolkata