Mobil 1 Honda takes on the ‘bad guys’ : BBDO Singapore

(This post is sponsored by Mobil 1)

In this Mobil 1 film, a Honda takes on the ‘bad guys’ through a thrilling display of speed, agility, precision and fine film craft.

The ad goes on to show how a car powered with Mobil 1’s proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology has the performance and agility to outdo other cars, using a martial arts movie as a metaphor.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Ravi Eshwar
Production Company: Stink Shanghai
Producer: Ann May Chua
Director: Eric Augier
Editor: Frederic Baudet

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Bhavesh Doshi : Interview

Bhavesh Doshi is a Unit Creative Director at LinHealth, Lintas, Mumbai (at the time this interview got published)

Why are you into Advertising?
When people would ask what I did for a living and I’d say I am in Advertising, they would raise their eyebrows. Not because they knew how great this world is, but because they didn’t. What really is it? they would ask and I would go into a detailed explanation of what it is not.
Does that answer your question? No. But it did get you this far, didn’t it? That’s advertising. And I love it.