Anindita Das

#CleanYourHeart | Roca life Film on World Toilet Day by Dentsu


Brands need to have a powerful point of view.

Being socially relevant is also a way of selling. Thankfully, after spending a decade in the industry, I have found that more and more marketers are willing to be socially relevant and do all it takes to make a brand stand out.
Few days back, I was fortunate to launch a campaign for Roca. With #CleanYourHeart, Roca and We Are Water Foundation India has made a powerful point on a unique facet of open defecation. The digital film brings to forefront a prominent issue faced by millions of domestic helps every day, i.e. ‘access to toilet’.
The digital film addresses the stigma that many domestic helps in India continue to face i.e. the lack of access to household toilets in households/families they work for. Even the most progressive Indian households are hypocritical when it comes to the domestic helps using their toilets.
After handling Roca for close to two years, I realized this is something no one was focusing on. I felt it was important to create communication around this topic. We, from the so-called modern homes of India are often not even aware if our maids have access to toilets throughout the day. Most of these domestic helps work for long hours, going up to 8-9 hours without using a toilet. At times, there’s access to a servants toilet, at times not. Even when a servant’s toilet is available it might not be in the same block, or conveniently located. As a result, they end up relieving themselves on the way to work; exposing themselves to a lot of health hazards and safety issues.
This is arguably the first time any brand has done any communication on this topic. That’s the reason why, we kept the communication simple and to the point.

Anindita is a Creative Director with Dentsu Impact.

Max Healthcare by Dentsu

Dentsu Impact launches Max Healthcare’s new campaign #MoreToHealthcare and sheds light on what happens behind the scene in a healthcare employee’s life. 

The Indian healthcare industry is currently going through a rough phase, jolted by a lot of unfortunate incidents. This has caused a serious dent in the image of the overall healthcare industry and shook people’s belief in hospitals. With people usually knowing only one side of the story due to lack of information or understanding, it is very easy to jump on this bandwagon of negativity against private hospitals.  

Speaking about the films, Amit Wadhwa, President Dentsu Impact said, “Changing a hospital’s image is a challenging task and to do that our strategy was not to tell the story from the hospital’s point of view but rather through its people.” 

 The people who work in hospitals, be it doctors, or someone sitting at the front desk, have their own set of challenges and are trained to follow strict processes. So, what appears to be unnecessary and cumbersome to the patients and their attendants, might have a scientific reason to it. For instance, shoe covers are not recommended inside ICUs because that’s not how germs spread. Germs spread through touch.

The campaign was kickstarted with four films depicting the struggles of doctors, nurses, surgeons and guards. Anindita Das, Creative Director, Dentsu Impact spoke about the creative concept behind these films and said, “This is a fresh new way of looking at healthcare advertising and aims to evoke the respect and empathy that the healthcare professionals deserve.” 

The story does not end there. In the second phase of the campaign, #MoreToHealthcare is all set to solve common problems faced by patients and explain the reasons behind them. For instance, if a bill is more than the estimate shared then under what circumstances can that happen.

Production House – Rainsong Films
Produce r- Manish Bhatt
Director – Vivek Dubey
DOP – Anurag Solanki
Agency – Dentsu
National Creative Director – Anupama Ramaswamy
Creative Director – Anindita Das

Account Management:
Senior Vice President, Client Servicing – Megha Sadhwani
GM Client Servicing – Navin Singh
Associate Account Director – Sheeraj Sengupta
Senior Accounts Executive – Sheena Singh



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Advertising Agency: Animal, New Delhi, India
Creative Director: Kunel Gaur
Art Directors: Kunel Gaur, Sharon Borgoyary
Copywriters: Anindita Das, Tenzin Wangdi
Illustrators: Kunel Gaur, Sharon Borgoyary, Jayesh Seth