SYU Textiles : By Madhura and Tamal

Brand: SYU (a textile clothing brand based in Kolkata, India.)

Concept: Block printing is a form of dying and colouring a fabric using wooden blocks.This is one of the oldest techniques to create design and pattern on various textiles in India. Amidst the evolution of far more consistent, accurate and modern techniques of creating design on fabric, the tradition of block printing remains how it was born. Through the simple, indispensable tools like bare hands and eyes – that continue to constitute the so-called ‘technical machinery’ aspect of block printing, here’s a tribute to the lesser acknowledged assets of this beautiful field.


Art Director/Illustrator: Tamal Talukdar
Copywriter: Madhura Chakravarty

Madhura Chakravarty
Hence, Madhura is chased by big words like imagination & dinosaurs.After a stint at Ogilvy & Mather, India, she realised she’s cut-out for a graphic design studio – a place that is disciplined to create art and further push the boundaries of copywriting by crafting content using minimal words. Madhura thinks graphic design is more of a story-teller than advertising. After working with brands like Vodafone, Greenply, ITC. Linc Pens & more, she’s currently in her fifth year of creating content that aims to sound interesting even on visiting cards.

Tamal Talukdar
Art Director.
Hence, Tamal is chased by a wild boar – in other words – deadlines. Armed to inspire the world with pixels, Tamal believes that design can never escape. Advertising might be redundant. But never design. Be it bottle caps or sauce labels or gadgets – design will always find a way to educate and simplify the needs of a consumer. After 6 long years in agencies like Law & Kenneth, Grinning Tree & Genesis, Tamal believes he has chosen the right field to communicate to the world – besides, his updates on Facebook.

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